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TwinStar Credit Union


Lacey, WA



Job Description:

Invest in People. Empower Success.

IT Systems Manager

This position is responsible for managing and overseeing the day-to-day operations and employees in the systems side of Information Technology. Establishes and manages the department by providing leadership and direction, monitoring and assessing workflow volumes to maintain department Service Level Agreements.

Status: Full-Time, Exempt

Location: Remote

Salary: $109,000.00-$130,000.00/annually, depending on experience and qualifications.


Essential Functions and Tasks

  • Responsible for the design and development of solutions to complex applications problems, system administration issues, and network issues.
  • Acts as Subject Matter Expert in multiple domains, systems integration and application development including, but not limited to Network, Systems, Communications, etc.
  • Leads teams of Subject Matter Experts in the development of secure enterprise mobile access solutions, including but not limited to: VPN systems, Mobile Device Management, Remote Security, etc.
  • Develops and manages the Service Level Agreements for all communications systems. Reports pertinent information and statistics to management in order to identify common problems and suggested areas where training and documentation can be improved.
  • Develops and manages assigned systems and solutions from concept to end of life. Provides engineering leadership in the integration of new capabilities into existing infrastructure cradle to grave.
  • Engineers solutions to complex communications applications integration problems including, but not limited to unification of applications such as presence, implements and administers all aspects of communications and network functions including voice, video and data communications, and new communications technologies (i.e., VoIP, IVR, PBX, etc.) with a focus on enhancing and increasing operating capabilities and performance.
  • Develops, implements, administers, and supports all aspects of *nix systems (Enterprise and open source editions of commonly used distros including AIX, RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc)
  • Develops and writes procedures for installation and troubleshooting of communications hardware and software.
  • Manages vendor relationships with Telco related partners. Meets regularly with vendors to discuss network processes and to evaluate system needs. Audits and reconciles all billings for the voice and data circuits and associated equipment
  • Proactively analyzes, troubleshoots and resolves communication systems issues in a timely manner. Monitors effectiveness of existing systems.
  • Plans, implements and manages projects that may include new locations or deploying new technologies across the network. Interacts with end-users and all levels of management in developing solutions to problems or creating efficiencies pertaining to communication processes that impact business.
  • Works with the AVP Information Technology in developing short and long-term goals and plans for the communications operations.
  • Analyzes data and prepares reports to provide information and/or recommendations regarding the operation, use of and/or expansion or maintenance of the communications systems.
  • Develops contingency plans to cover various systems failure scenarios and recovery/restoration procedures.
  • Oversees, develops, and maintains all credit union servers, networks, virtual environments, SQL databases, mobile devices, and *NIX systems.
  • Monitors outstanding problems are being resolved, communicates to the associate when to expect a solution and updates the ticketing system with triage/resolution specifics.
  • Works with the AVP Information Technology to prepare budget requests, administers applicable budget items and conducts audits and reconciles all billings for the purchase of associated equipment/software.
  • Manages and supervises assigned employees according to established credit union procedures and applicable State and Federal laws.
  • Resolves employee problems and performance issues. Provides support and suggestions in regards to operational issues for employee development or performance improvement. Prepares disciplinary write-ups with approval from Human Resources and area Director of Operations. Prepares employee performance (90 day and annual) appraisals. Makes recommendations for termination to AVP Information Technology.
  • Conducts employment interviews and makes hiring decisions or recommendations as authorized by AVP Information Technology.
  • Assists direct reports with complex transactions and escalated member service issues. Resolves or makes decisions related to the service and operational functions of the department as authorized by the Director of Operations and credit union procedures.
  • Ensures department operations are in compliance with all security, audit, regulatory compliance, information security, customer privacy, and Bank Secrecy Act/Customer Identification Program policies and procedures.

Education & Experience Required


  • High school graduate or GED


  • 3+ years related experience with engineering communication and *nix systems

Education and Experience Preferred:

  • Bachelor’s degree (B.A/B.S)


  • 6+ years related experience with engineering communication and *nix systems.
  • 1+ years supervising direct reports

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We invest in people and empower success.

At TwinStar Credit Union, we offer our employees rewarding careers serving our members and communities. Our approach is centered on the member experience while creating “Digital First” solutions. We know our employees do best when they are cared for. The experience created for members and employees is our difference.

Our Experience Principles are:

1. Make it easy for us

2. Deliver us value

3. Empower us

4. Care about us

5. Know us

Through these principles, we recognize that investing in the growth and development of others is a measure of success. At TwinStar, we are deeply committed to creating an environment where members and employees feel empowered to bring their whole and authentic selves to each experience. We embrace and celebrate our diversity in individuals and in thought while striving for inclusion in all we do.

Career Development

Being an employee of TwinStar Credit Union is so much more than a job. It’s a place of belonging, where each employee is surrounded by others who support in a way that helps ensure the ongoing success of all.

We recognize that investing in the growth and development of our employees is one of our most important measures of success.

The experience of our members ultimately ties back to the experience of being a successful and well-developed TwinStar employee. It begins with a full Onboarding program – a multi-day learning experience geared toward helping new employees feel welcome, connected, included, and engaged. But that’s just the beginning!

Other opportunities for growth include:

  • A vast library of curated online learning content, developed by in-house professionals or through reputable industry partners.
  • Coaching and mentoring using proven methods and techniques.
  • Engaging and interactive instructor-led training, facilitated by seasoned experts.
  • Networking with industry professionals in the Pacific Northwest and across the country.
  • Tuition assistance to open doors to professional licensure, certification, or degrees of study.
  • In-house Employee Resource Groups, creating inclusive micro-communities to use your voice

Status: Full-Time, Non-Exempt

Location: Remote

Salary: $109,000.00-$130,000.00/annually, depending on experience and qualifications.