Credit Union:

Northwest Community Credit Union







Job Description:


·         Evaluates and assesses significant merging/consolidation functions, and new or changing services, processes, operations, and control processes coincident with their development, implementation, and or/expansion.

·         Conducts audits and investigations of all financial records, operations, activities, and affairs of the Credit Union with independence and objectivity.

·         Reviews established systems to ensure compliance with policies, plans, procedures, laws, and regulations that could have a significant impact on operations and reports.

·         Identifies controls and process weaknesses, document main control points and provide evidential support for report recommendation. Ensures regulation and significant legislative or regulatory issues that impact the organization are recognized and addressed properly.

·         Provides guidance and mentoring to staff by providing direction and coaching; impart specialized skills and or knowledge to other audit officers through peer discussions and cooperation on cross-functional audits, coaching and performance management.

·         Ensures quality and continuous improvement are fostered in the organization’s control process and employees’ actions comply with policies, standards, procedures, and applicable laws.

·         Assesses audit findings, assists in the preparation of concise and informative audit report, and effectively communicates the findings and recommendations to the branch/department and ELT.

·         Assists in the identification and assessment of organizational risks and make recommendations as appropriate to reduce or eliminate such risk.

·         Advises management as to the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational activities and controls.

·         Provide annual assessment on the adequacy and effectiveness of the organizations processes for controlling its activities and managing its risks.

·         Prepares/reviews reports for management providing concise and accurate information on the condition of the unit, adequacy of operations/processes and conditions of portfolios.

·         Provides a summary report to the Supervisory Committee and Audit Committee on audit findings and any significant risks or breakdown in the control structure of the credit union.

·         Develops and presents an Annual Audit Plan using appropriate risk-based methodology, including any risks or control concerns identified by Management and submit that plan to the Supervisory committee for review and approval.

·         Implements the approved Audit Plan including any special tasks or projects requested by the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), Supervisory Committee or the Audit Committee.

·          All other duties as assigned.