Emerging industry trends and evolution in financial technologies (fintech) are constantly moving at lightning speed with no apparent lull in sight. Credit unions’ unique collaborative nature positions us to be ideal partners in the emerging fintech movement. Our resource center provides ideas, teaching tools, communities, events, and information to guide your credit union through this fast-paced ever-changing environment.


We are pleased to present the Northwest Credit Union Association Online & Mobile Directory, a complete listing of credit union contact information and financial data. Stay connected no matter where you are.

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Continued education and training of credit union employees helps keep the credit union movement vibrant and competitive in the financial marketplace. We understand this can take a significant commitment of time and money.

The Northwest Credit Union Foundation provides professional development scholarships which award up to $1,500 per year for each applicant. You can fill out an application at any time; applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and applicants are notified at the end of the month in which they applied.

Learn more about scholarship opportunities and fill out an application at https://nwcuf.org/scholarships-and-grants.

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