The Credit Union Difference

Credit unions are not-for-profit, cooperative financial services providers, owned and governed by their members. That unique structure intentionally holds credit unions accountable to members, and decisions are made in the members’ best interests. More than 1.1 million Idahoans have discovered the Credit Union Difference.

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For Main Street, Not Wall Street

Unlike for-profit financial institutions focused on paying Wall Street stockholders, credit unions invest their earnings in serving their Main Street members. They offer competitive interest rates, technology, and everything else consumers need for their financial well being.

During this analysis period, Idaho credit unions gave $105.5 million back to their communities, in direct financial benefits to their members and through charitable contributions, scholarships, and volunteerism.

During the pandemic, credit unions waived $4.1 million in fees and provided $354 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans that were lifelines to more than 9,000 local Idaho businesses.

9,000+ Businesses

Protected by Paycheck Protection Program Loans

$4.1 Million

in Fees Waived During the Pandemic

Building Brighter Financial Futures

Idahoans trust credit unions to help them save for their financial futures. Credit union members have deposited nearly $2.7 billion in savings accounts so they can be prepared for emergencies and work toward achieving their dreams. Consumers can also count on credit unions to help them learn more about ways to manage their money. Last year, 27,000 Idahoans took advantage of free financial education offered by credit unions.

Consumers can achieve their financial dreams if they work with their credit union to improve their credit scores.
Clarity Credit Union’s Progress in Credit (PIC) program is helping Idahoans improve their credit and save thousands each year. Through the program, members are rewarded for good financial habits by earning lower interest rates on loans they’ve had for at least six months. Every quarter, Clarity checks members’ credit scores, and if they’ve increased by 40 or more points, interest rates on those loans are lowered automatically. This benefit is continuous, so the higher members’ credit scores become, the less they’ll pay in interest. Since implementing PIC, Clarity has helped its members improve their credit and collectively save up to $1 million.

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$228 Million

in Loans to Rural Communities

Financial Partners in Rural Communities

Credit unions collaborate to serve rural communities that other financial institutions have left. Idaho’s credit unions provide more than 70 rural branches or Interactive Teller Machines so consumers have access to the the services they need. They’ve loaned more than $228 million to rural communities, including loans for farmland, crops, equipment, homes, and businesses.




A Place to Call Home

When it comes to financing the American Dream, Idaho credit unions loaned more than $553 million to first-time homebuyers, provided $514 million in home equity loans, and funded $1.8 billion in mortgage refinances, meaning consumers had more access to cash when they needed it most.

Whether home is in a city, town, or in the beautiful landscapes of Idaho’s more rural areas, credit unions are serving their member-owners and the communities where they live.