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June 21st 9:00 am -
June 23rd 12:00 pm PDT

June 21st 10:00 am -
June 23rd 1:00 pm MDT

2 days, 3 hours

$3,195.00 (late registration price)

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About the Emerging Leaders Program

Whether you are already leading a team, or have just begun to feel the spark of a higher role, the Emerging Leaders Training Program will give you the tools to cultivate your leadership presence and navigate challenges and successes.

What Previous Emerging Leaders Say:

“I have learned that I can stand on my own two feet.”

“Emerging Leaders taught me that I am in control of how my career grows.”

“Since beginning Emerging Leaders training, I have been asked by our executive team to mentor three people—the next Emerging Leaders in our organization.”

Program Overview

The Northwest Credit Union Association and the DDJ Myers Advancing Leadership Institute are partnering to present a career development program to help you find your leadership voice. The program includes nine days of face-to-face training spread throughout the spring and summer of 2017, with coaching and mentoring in between. Participants are guided through project work that will benefit their credit unions, and their professional growth. Training will focus on strategy, assessment skills, leadership models, and the language of leadership.

This three-week program provides high level training from top presenters to maximize your leadership skills. The program will provide you with sustainable leadership practices to help you develop new thinking and innovative solutions to address today’s marketplace challenges. You will collaborate with industry colleagues to build strong, lifelong professional relationships with peers from other credit unions. You will receive four executive/leadership coaching sessions to support your learning and development. By the final week of the course, you will present a Leadership Project, applying your new skills in support of your credit union and community. This all-encompassing learning experience is designed to guide you on the path toward fully reaching your leadership potential.

The Emerging Leaders Training Program will help you hone your leadership skills and give you the tools as a leader to inspire success in others. The program includes a unique curriculum in an all-encompassing learning experience:

  • Three-day training blocks in each of the following three categories:
    • Strategic Leadership;
    • Building Leadership Presence; and
    • The Practice of Leadership.
  • Four executive/leadership coaching sessions with program trainers.
  • Class size is limited to 20 students to provide Individualized attention from trainers.
  • An opportunity to present your final project to peers and colleagues at the 2017 MAXX Convention.

Skills You Can Expect to Enhance

  • Transformative Change: Learn the theory of transformative change and its practical application within an organization.
  • Strategic Leadership Development: Discover the importance of taking effective action in planned and unplanned change.
  • Executive Presence: Develop practices to be more open and connected by cultivating the right attitude, language, and mood.
  • Applied Executive Communication: Unlock the potential of language and listening, with a unique appreciation of the complexities of communication and diverse perspectives.
  • Social Responsibility: Explore the social responsibility of “People Helping People.”

Event Location and Accommodations

Event Location

Trailhead Credit Union
221 NW 2nd Ave, Suite 100
Portland, OR 97209

About the Trainers

The Northwest Credit Union Association has lined up national-quality speakers to present the Emerging Leaders Training Program.

About the Trainers

Susan Geear, Vice President

DDJ Myers Advancing Leadership Institute

Susan Geear is an international coach, consultant, and social justice advocate, committed to partnering with leaders to support personal, social, and organizational change. She works with multinational corporations, financial institutions, nonprofits, and NGOs fostering a commitment to global citizenship, social consciousness, and personal responsibility. Her clientele spans more than 32 countries, which has given her the opportunity to travel and experience the diversity of cultures and traditions of Eastern Africa, Istanbul, Dubai, and Cebu. This rich cultural awareness supports her ability to bridge global communities by cultivating new pathways toward understanding and compassion.

Peter Myers, Vice President

DDJ Myers Advancing Leadership Institute

Peter Myers helps individuals and teams move forward in their personal and organizational goals through recruitment, retention, and executive leadership coaching practices. On a daily basis, Peter works with senior management in the financial services industry to build and further develop their leadership and strategic teams by bringing out the true power within themselves and integrating it into the professional and business world. Third generation in this industry, Peter’s formal education and somatic coaching certification, combined with his extensive world travels and his exposure to the financial services industry, help him create vision and opportunities for business professionals seeking to reach the next level of success and commitment.

Tim Tolliver, Leadership Coach

DDJ Myers Advancing Leadership Institute

Tim Tolliver is an engaging and dynamic coach committed to helping others become more effective leaders and build a high capacity for skillful action and change. Through a combination of reflective conversation and engaging practices, clients are able to act in new ways that are more aligned with what’s most important. Tim’s unique approach to shaping leaders is informed by his training in competitive athletics, mind/body practices, and almost 30 years of training in traditional Japanese martial arts. This passion for cultivating exceptional leadership has led Tim to become a part of the teaching staff for the School of Embodied Leadership at the Strozzi Institute. Outside of the coaching arena, the drive toward individual excellence has led Tim to three world championships in the International Karate Association.

Deedee Myers, CEO

DDJ Myers Advancing Leadership Institute

Deedee Myers is founder and CEO of DDJ Myers, Ltd. and cofounder of the Advancing Leadership Institute. For the past 20 years she has been passionate about establishing and developing people to thrive in any economic environment. During the past several years her succession planning and leadership development offer has been highly regarded as both innovative and a model of best practices. Through the Advancing Leadership Institute, Deedee works with executives and managers so they live out their potential and, in doing so, show up as a more valuable offer to their organization and community.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • Cancellations must be received, in writing, by the NWCUA no later than March 8, 2017 to receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations submitted in writing, by the participant, by not later than March 20, 2017 will result in a pro-rated refund of 50% of registration fee.