Budgeting Your Stimulus Check

With stimulus checks on their way to many Americans this week, you may be wondering where you should allocate the money.

Small Businesses Eagerly Await Passage of Relief Bill

The first batch of money for small business loans through the Paycheck Protection Program ran out last week.

Some Bank Branches Run Low on Cash as Customers Make Big Withdrawals

Regulators stress risks of keeping large sums of cash at home rather than in an insured institution.

NW Credit Unions Urge: Be Smart With Your Stimulus Check

Millions of Americans will receive Economic Impact Payments from the U.S. Government as early as this week.

Coronavirus Pandemic: What Should I Do if I Can’t Make My Car Payment?

Few things in life are as demoralizing as realizing you can’t pay all of your bills.

Financial Institutions Work Together to Address the Impact of COVID-19

Washington’s financial institutions stand by consumers and communities during good times and challenging times.

Help From Credit Unions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There are financial options available for those being impacted by the coronavirus.

Institutions Offer Financial Options During Coronavirus Outbreak

Financial institutions are preparing for the economic impact of the new coronavirus.

How NWCUA and Consolidated Community CU Work Together for Workforce Housing Solutions…

Larry Ellfritz, President/CEO of Consolidated Community Credit Union (Portland, Oregon) and Sharee Adkins, Executive Director of NWCUA joined us on the program to share their combined efforts to find workforce housing solutions in Portland, Oregon.

Northwest Credit Union Foundation Takes Steps to Drive Greater Community Impact

Credit union and community driven commissions are being created to address workforce housing, and other community challenges.

NWCUF Announces Creation Of ‘Mission-Focused Commissions’

NWCUF creating mission-focused commissions to address financial and social challenges.

MAXX Conference Auction/Gala Raises $628k for CU4Kids!

Miracle Child Cass Huff reminded MAXX attendees of the critical care Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provide with her inspiring story.

MAXX Coverage: 2 CU Execs Honored, New Board Named, Record Amount Raised for CMN

Bob Corwin, president/CEO of Advantis Credit Union, given Lifetime Achievement Award at MAXX.

MAXX Coverage: Why Certain Concepts Catch On, And Others Don’t

Jonah Berger tells MAXX attendees what catches on and what doesn’t in the world of marketing.

MAXX Coverage: 2 Women Advise Other Women (And Men) On Overcoming Obstacles

Susan Mitchell and Jill Tracie Nichols participated in a Q&A during MAXX to share advice on advancing women in business.

MAXX Coverage: An Update On What’s Happening (And Ahead) In Auto Lending

Credit unions at MAXX were given an overview on what’s happening in auto lending and what could be around the next bend in the road.

MAXX Coverage: Update On Global Women’s Leadership Network & What’s Coming Next

Susan Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell Stankovic & Associates, gave updates on Global Women’s Leadership Network at MAXX.

Northwest League Names New Board Chair, Raises $628k for CMN at MAXX

At its annual conference in Tacoma, Wash., the NWCUA also honors 27 credit unions and professionals for their achievements.