MAXX 2022: Revered Tech Expert, Sultan Meghji, Asserts the Urgency to Adopt Technology

He’ll break down “tech hesitancy” and innovation barriers credit unions face in today’s rapidly shifting landscape.

MAXX 2022: Renowned Analyst, Amy Walter, Demystifies the Political Landscape

This fall, she’ll expertly break down the electoral process, congressional culture, and the Washington political scene days before the midterm elections.

MAXX Speakers Deliver on Cybersecurity, Diverse Markets, Digital Collaboration, and Economy

Spoiler Alert: The inspired closing address had attendees on their feet.

Jason Hewlett

Develop a Signature Leadership Style and Achieve Lasting Success

Don’t miss Hall of Fame Speaker Jason Hewlett’s insightful and hilarious leadership keynote at MAXX 2021!

Risha Grant

Catch Risha Grant’s Illuminating Keynote at MAXX 2021

The diversity and inclusion expert’s bold and illuminating presentation will arm you with tools to eliminate bias and increase your bottom line.

Eric O'Neill

Former FBI Operative to Reveal Cybersecurity Secrets at MAXX 2021

Keynote speaker Eric O’Neill will share real-life stories and insider knowledge on national security, fraud, corporate diligence, and more.

Dr. Elliot Eisenberg

Bowtie Economist Peers into the Future: What’s in Store for the Economy?

Catch the internationally acclaimed Dr. Elliot Eisenberg on the MAXX mainstage Wednesday, Oct. 6.

Erica Dhawan

Erica Dhawan Unveils the Secret to Harmonious Workplace Culture

At MAXX 2021, the collaboration expert will share how to foster teamwork, trust, engagement, and competitiveness in a digital age.