Senators to Sessions: Resolve Uncertainty Around Websites and ADA

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo and five others ask the Attorney General for clarity in an effort to prevent exploitive lawsuits.

Former Credit Union CEO Larry Hoff Running for Washington’s 18th Legislative District

Show your support and help this strong credit union advocate win by volunteering.

Creative Process Underway for “Open Your Eyes” Initiative

[email protected] attendees took a deep dive into the national brand awareness initiative rolling out in early 2019.

Credit Unions Throughout the Northwest Focused on CULAC Month in July

Staff members got creative, inspiring their coworkers to donate to the important PAC.

Credit Union Leaders Meet with Eastern Washington Legislative Candidates

Candidates had the opportunity to learn more about the Credit Union Movement.

Credit Unions Prepare Fundraising Plans for CULAC Month in July

Northwest credit unions need more participation to meet end-of-year fundraising goals.

Washington Unlimited Public Funds Legislation Takes Effect

What are the next steps for credit unions following this successful advocacy initiative?

NCUA Grants go a Long Way Helping Northwest Credit Unions Serve Members

Cyber security improvements, and a turnkey debit card program are examples of how some of your colleagues leveraged grants.

NCUA Community Development Grants Could be “Found Money” for Northwest CUs

Your Association can walk you through the application process, and away you’ll go funding digital upgrades, leadership development, and outreach to underserved communities.

Setting the Record Straight on Regulatory Relief Legislation

It’s important to help mainstream media and consumers know that S. 2155 removes red tape for Main Street.

Rivermark CU’s Real Cool Idea for CULAC

Raising money to elect and retain federal credit union champions is a year around priority that generates special excitement during “CULAC Month” each July. Looking for new ideas? Read on!

NWCUA Analysis: How S. 2155 Will Help Credit Unions

For the first time since 1998, a U.S. President has signed federal legislation favorable to credit unions and their members. Learn more about how this historic legislation applies to your CU.

CU Buzz: What your Northwest Colleagues Say About S. 2155

Credit union leaders see tangible regulatory relief from this landmark legislation.

Breaking News: President Trump Signs S. 2155

Northwest credit unions’ advocacy helps this landmark legislation cross the finish line.