S. 4117 The PPP Small Business Forgiveness Act: Fibre Federal CU business members make their voices heard!

If you’ve been following the Advocacy Blog for any length of time, you have seen numerous Calls To Action. Here in the Northwest region, you all make your voices heard with your elected officials. One recent Call To Action was to support S. 4117 The PPP Small Business Forgiveness Act. A reminder of some the […]

Call To Action: S. 4117 The PPP Small Business Forgiveness Act

We are excited to share an opportunity to make your voice heard on a recent piece of legislation introduced in the Senate that will dramatically reduce the processing time for credit unions moving through the PPP loan forgiveness process. The Paycheck Protection Program Small Business Forgiveness Act is a bill to simplify forgiveness of Paycheck […]

DE Day of Service

Today, Credit Union Development Educators from across the NW region and nation recognized the DE Day of Service. While this year is different than in year’s past, DEs in the northwest made their voices known by sending a unified message to congressional leaders in support of financial inclusion for all and voicing opposition to systemic […]

2020 Advocacy Training

Have you ever wondered what our collective advocacy as a Credit Union movement looks like? During this pandemic, we’ve seen this firsthand as elected officials at both the state and federal levels meet with credit union leaders to learn more about what they are doing. Not only have credit unions across the country stepped up […]

The Democratic Primary Win for Oregon Secretary of State goes to….

It’s (finally) official. Shemia Fagan edges out Mark Hass.

Expanding Access to Credit for Businesses Affected by COVID-19

The stories just keep coming in about how credit unions have stepped up to help their members in this time! Small businesses have been helped through the Paycheck Protection Program and many have seen their credit union relationship as a bright light in these trying times. As you know, due  to the COVID-19 pandemic, small […]

Urgent: Paycheck Protection Program Requires Additional Funding and Revisions

Today, the Small Business Administration announced it can no longer accept new applications or approve new lenders for the Paycheck Protection Program. The $349 billion allocated by the CARES Act has been exhausted. This program is critical as it provides support to struggling small businesses, providing funds for them to continue paying their employees for […]

Sharing the Credit Union Response to COVID-19 with Legislators

It has been incredible to see and hear how credit unions have been able to adjust to serve members at this time. From early adoption of drive-up options to the programs implemented to help bring relief to members affected by COVID-19, credit unions in the Northwest have shown up for members in tremendous ways! Not […]

Staying Connected with Legislators by Attending a Virtual Town Hall

These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. From tracking local, national, and international daily news to the changes in how we serve our members there seems to be no shortage of developments as communities in the Northwest and across the world continue to address the challenges of COVID-19. From “Stay At Home” orders […]

Phase 3 Stimulus Package: Update

We are continuing to track updates on the Phase 3 Stimulus Package. Earlier today, the bill failed another important procedural vote falling short of the 60 votes needed to move forward. That said, leaders on both sides of the aisle are still looking to pass the CARES Act today despite a number of key issues […]

D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Denies ABA Bid for Rehearing

Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit granted the Credit Union Movement a victory in its long battle with the American Bankers Association regarding the National Credit Union Administration’s 2016 Field of Membership amendments. The Court denied the ABA’s petition for an en banc rehearing of the Appeals Court’s August 2019 decision that overturned […]

Credit Unions Successful in Advocating for Serving Military Members

The 2020 National Defense Authorization Act was just signed, and the language does not contain Section 2821 of the Senate-passed version of the NDAA that would have expanded access to nominal leases on military installations for banks and require the Department of Defense (DoD) to treat banks and credit unions on military installations equally when […]

Advocacy Training at Wauna Credit Union

Earlier this week, your association had the great privilege to go and present an Advocacy Training to a fantastic group of Wauna Credit Union employees! What a pleasure to hear the numerous stories about how Wauna employees have been able to serve their members so well.  Advocacy Training allows employees to engage in a fun, […]

The Power of Story and Mobilization

What makes Credit Unions different than other financial service providers? You and I may answer that by talking about the not-for-profit cooperative structure and the significant ways we return value to our communities (the numbers don’t lie). But how do we articulate what that means for our members in a meaningful way? We do this […]