Jennifer Wagner is the EVP & Chief Advocacy Officer for the Northwest Credit Union Association. She leads the Association’s federal governmental affairs priorities, working closely with the Northwest congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. as well as in our region. Wagner oversees the Association’s grassroots advocacy programs and initiatives to raise political action funds to support candidates who promote credit union movement legislation. She leads the operational side of all advocacy programs including the grassroots and political advocacy efforts.

After earning a BA from Oregon State University, Wagner spent 10 years in the legislative arena, working for local congressional representatives Darlene Hooley and Kurt Schrader, both in Washington D.C. and in their Oregon offices.

Wagner sits on AACUL’s Political Involvement and Grassroots Committee, which is charged with providing direction and feedback in the development, implementation, and championing of political and grassroots programs for the credit union system.

Wagner appreciates the commitment credit unions make to doing what is best for their members and communities and finding time to share that message with lawmakers.

Jennifer Wagner
EVP, Chief Advocacy Officer
Direct: 503.350.2224
Toll Free: 800.995.9064 x224
[email protected]
Joe Adamack
VP, Legislative Affairs for Washington
Direct: 206.340.4812
Toll Free: 800.995.9064 x102
[email protected]
Samantha Beeler
VP, Advocacy
Direct: 503.350.2218
Toll Free: 800.995.9064 x218
[email protected]
Jordan Beyer
Manager, Grassroots Advocacy
Direct: 208.350.6509
Toll Free: 800.995.9064 x309
[email protected]
Ryan Fitzgerald
VP, Legislative Affairs for Idaho
Direct: 208.350.6116
Toll Free: 800.995.9064 x306
[email protected]
Pamela Leavitt
Policy Advisor, Oregon State Advocacy and Grassroots
Direct: 503.887.2336
[email protected]
John Trull
VP, Regulatory Advocacy
Direct: 503.350.2209
Toll Free: 800.995.9064 x209
[email protected]