Derek Sprague serves as the Director of Finance & Administration for the Northwest Credit Union Association. His primary roles include overseeing the accounting, auditing, and treasury functions for the Association, its subsidiaries, and ancillary organizations. He also assists with facility management.

Sprague is a native of the Northwest and graduated with honors from Boise State University with a BBA in Accountancy. During his career, Sprague has held senior leadership positions in various industries ranging from aviation, medicine, and non-profits. He was also a member of original teams created to establish two pre-IPO startup ventures in the e-commerce space.

Sprague’s service and leadership expertise extends beyond the office as he has volunteered countless hours toward youth development and mentorship at the local, state, and international levels on behalf of the members of DeMolay International. After more than 20 years of volunteer leadership, he was elected the 83rd Chairman of the Board in 2014 to help set a new course for the almost century-old organization. In recognition of this leadership, he’s been honored with the Grand Cross and is a member of the DeMolay Legion of Honor.

As a longtime credit union member, Sprague is impressed with the industry’s level of service to its members and the way credit unions empower their membership to create avenues for community engagement and impact.

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Derek Sprague
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