Brent Petrek is Director of Content & Events for the Northwest Credit Union Association. He collaborates with the various NWCUA teams to deliver polished events, projects, and results to member credit unions. His focus is ensuring that Association members receive value, meaning, and quality, no matter the size, scope, or nature of a project.

He has a BA from Michigan State University and a career background in project management, marketing/communications, and operations. Having worked in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, as well as in the staffing, telecom, music, construction, and healthcare industries, he has built a diverse resume of skill sets and experience that he enjoys contributing wherever there is an opportunity to add value and strengthen team efforts.

Being part of NWCUA makes Petrek feel connected and plugged into the larger community of credit union members, which provides a constant source of inspiration and the sense that even the smallest day-to-day efforts are helping credit unions and their members prosper, evolve, and face challenges with confidence and optimism.

Danielle Sittu, ABC
SVP, Marketing and Communications
Direct: 206.519.9405
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Elizabeth Baker
Director, Communications
Direct: 503.350.2222
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Rachel Brendle
Project Coordinator
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Christina Burmester
Project Manager
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Keara Donick
Sr. Manager, Marketing
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Lynn Heider
VP, Communications and Public Affairs
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Holly Miller
Director, Programming
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Brent Petrek
Director, Content and Events
Direct: 206.340.4833
Toll Free: 800.995.9064 x113
[email protected]
Ben Shuey
Specialist, Digital Marketing and Analytics
Direct: 208.297.5421
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Carmen Vigil
Director, Cooperative Momentum
Direct: 206.340.4817
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