We want you to have the best, easiest experience possible on our site, but we know you might have a few questions. Review this FAQ page to find answers to questions you might have.

Has my NWCUA login information changed with the site update?

Your NWCUA login information has not changed. You can log in to the site using the same information you’ve always used by clicking the “Login” button in the top right corner of the page.

Has the event registration process changed?

Registering for events still works the same way you’re used to — click the “Register” button on any event page and log in to your NWCUA.org account to begin the registration process.

How do I register for the MAXX Annual Convention?

You can learn more about the MAXX Annual Convention and register to attend by visiting the event page.

How do I navigate through the site?

There are several ways to navigate through the pages and events of the site, making it easier for you to find information. The main navigation menu appears on every page throughout the site, and many of the interior pages have additional sidebar and showcase menus, so you can easily access the pages you’re looking for.

What is the Safelist Us page?

The safelist page is a way to help ensure that you continue to receive the emails you’ve signed up for. Sometimes email systems decide that messages from nwcua.org or nwcuf.org (or other senders) might be spam or junk, even if you’ve signed up to receive those emails.

Where can I find credit union careers?

The credit union job listings page can be found under the “Resources” tab in the main navigation menu, or follow the link here.

Where can I find resource centers?

We have grouped all of the resource centers under one menu item. All of the resource centers can be found under the “Resources” tab in the main navigation menu.

How do I view the events calendar?

The events calendar is accessible via the “Training and Events” tab in the main navigation menu, or by clicking the “View Calendar” icon on the home page. You can also sort the events calendar by category (such as Advocacy or Council events) using the “Filter by Event Type” dropdown menu on the calendar page.

Where can I find Anthem news stories?

You can access the latest Anthem news articles via the “News” tab in the main navigation menu, or by clicking on the green Anthem tile on the homepage.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

Use the improved Search tool at the top of the site to look for a specific topic, event, or keyword. Still have questions? Contact us via email or by filling out this form — we’re here to help!