Joe Adamack

VP, Legislative Affairs for Washington

Phone: 206.340.4812

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x102

Joe Adamack is the Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the Northwest Credit Union Association in Washington. In this role, he represents the interests of the state’s 85 credit unions and their members before the Legislature, statewide elected officials, and agencies to ensure state laws and rules support and foster a positive regulatory environment that […]

Sharee Adkins

Sharee Adkins

Executive Director, NWCUF

Phone: 206.340.4823

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x114

Sharee Adkins is the Executive Director of the Northwest Credit Union Foundation. In this role, she amplifies the impact credit unions have in our community by forging and leveraging partnerships to achieve ambitious goals in the Foundation’s priority areas of asset-building, economic empowerment, and cooperative development. Adkins holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Boise […]

Samantha Beeler

Samantha Beeler

VP, Advocacy

Phone: 503.350.2218

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x218

Samantha Beeler is the Northwest Credit Union Association’s VP, Advocacy, a role that allows her to work closely with elected officials in the Northwest, as well as credit unions to tell our story. Beeler focuses primarily on our Federal legislative and political priorities. She also brings extensive grassroots advocacy experience to the Association after handling […]

Erin Bennett

Erin Bennett

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Phone: 503.350.2211

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x210

Erin Bennett is a Strategic Partnerships Manager for the Northwest Credit Union Association’s Strategic Link. In this role, Erin links arms with credit unions and Strategic Link’s best partners to ensure a win-win-win for all. Her top priority is providing the best service to drive credit union member satisfaction. She is in her element when she is connecting with […]

Jordan Beyer

Jordan Beyer

Manager, Grassroots Advocacy

Phone: 208.350.6509

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x309

Jordan Beyer is Grassroots Advocacy Manager for the Northwest Credit Union Association. In this role, he has the pleasure of working closely with credit union leaders and their staff in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to help them better understand their role as credit union advocates. Beyer enjoys being a storyteller, conveying to elected officials on […]

David Curtis

David Curtis

Director, Compliance Services

Phone: 206.340.4785

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x151

David Curtis is the director of compliance services at the Northwest Credit Union Association. In this role he is responsible for responding to credit union compliance inquiries, informing and instructing credit unions on new compliance responsibilities through updates and council meetings. He is a liaison, facilitator, and presenter at both the compliance and collectors’ networking […]

Keara Donick

Senior Manager, Marketing

Phone: 208.297.5942

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x304

Keara Donick is the Northwest Credit Union Association’s Senior Manager of Marketing. In this role, she crafts and executes against strategic marketing plans, creating effective print and digital marketing collateral that promotes the Association’s members and the Credit Union Movement. Donick holds a Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations from The Pennsylvania State University and […]

Ryan Fitzgerald

Ryan Fitzgerald

VP, Legislative Affairs for Idaho

Phone: 208.350.6116

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x306

Ryan Fitzgerald is the Northwest Credit Union Association Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the State of Idaho. Fitzgerald works on behalf of Idaho credit unions and their members to advocate for sound policy and legislation that is beneficial and supportive of the credit union movement. He’s a passionate advocate for credit union interests and, […]

Mark Gonzalez

Senior Manager, Member Engagement

Phone: 503.350.2241

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x241

Mark Gonzalez serves as the Senior Manager of Member Engagement for the Northwest Credit Union Association. In this role, he strengthens cooperation and collaboration amongst credit unions within the Northwest by strategically managing programs, initiatives, and events that create new and innovative programs for the region’s Micro-Communities and Councils, increasing credit union awareness and NWCUA […]

Amanda Guyton

Amanda Guyton

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Phone: 206.340.4813

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x119

Amanda Guyton is the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO at the Northwest Credit Union Association. She provides direct support to the President & CEO and executive support to the Northwest Credit Union Association Board of Directors. Guyton has a bachelor’s degree in sociology with an emphasis in business from the University of Washington […]

Will Hall

Will Hall

Director, Legal Advocacy

Phone: 208.297.5877

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x302

Will Hall serves as the Director of Legal Advocacy for the Northwest Credit Union Association, providing compliance expertise to the Association’s member credit unions, helping them navigate the many compliance challenges they face. After graduating from Davidson College in North Carolina, Hall moved to the nation’s capital, where he worked for several years before attending […]

Lynn Heider

Lynn Heider

VP, Communications & Public Affairs

Phone: 503.350.2225

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x225

Lynn Heider, Northwest Credit Union Association’s Vice President of Communications & Public Affairs, leads the Association’s internal and external public relations, public awareness, media outreach, media training, and crisis management efforts. Heider has a wide range of educational experience, starting with a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She’s also achieved FEMA Incident Command […]

Jennifer Huggard

Jennifer Huggard

SVP, Admin & Governance Affairs

Phone: 206.340.4842

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x154

Jennifer Huggard is the senior vice president of administration & governance affairs at the Northwest Credit Union Association. Her main responsibilities include human resources, payroll, and accounting. Huggard earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Washington. After working as an online banking customer contact for KeyBank, she joined the Washington Credit […]

Susan Kismarton

Susan Kismarton

Coordinator, Accounting & Admin

Phone: 206.340.4835

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x115

Susan Kismarton serves as the Accounting & Administration Coordinator for the Northwest Credit Union Association.  She is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the accounting system, tax filings, payroll assistance, and management of the office environment. Kismarton has a bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics from Colorado State University. She has worked in the field of […]

Pamela Leavitt

Policy Advisor, Advocacy & Grassroots for Oregon

Phone: 503.887.2336

Toll-free: 800.995.9064

Pamela Leavitt is the Oregon State advocacy and grassroots policy advisor for the Northwest Credit Union Association. Leavitt contributes to the coordination of the Association’s governmental affairs activities in the Oregon Legislature, with emphasis on establishing effective credit union participation in the legislative and political process. She helps manage the legislative agenda and works with […]

Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Senior Manager, Events & Programs

Phone: 503.350.2227

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x227

Ryan Lee is the Senior Manager of Events and Programs for the Northwest Credit Union Association. In this role, he works with various team members to ensure the operational success of Association events and programs, and deliver a phenomenal experience to Northwest credit unions. He supports the Association’s events and programming efforts with logistics coordination, […]

Melissa Lovejoy

Melissa Lovejoy

VP, Enterprise Engagement Resources

Phone: 206.340.4830

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x108

Melissa Lovejoy is the Vice President of Enterprise Engagement Resources at the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA). In this role, she works with all Association departments. Lovejoy implements project management tools and methodology, assisting staff in meeting their goals. She’s always working to increase staff efficiency by providing these tools and improving workflows. Lovejoy, who has […]

Holly Miller

Holly Miller

Director, Programming

Phone: 503.350.2220

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x220

Holly Miller serves as Director of Programming for the Northwest Credit Union Association. She collaborates with various teams to create polished events that best serve member credit unions. She assists in developing project plans, coordinating logistics, managing events, database management, and administrative support. She comes to the Association from a background of varied experiences including […]

Jenny Miller

Jenny Miller

Manager, Communications

Phone: 208.350.6187

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x310

Jenny Miller is the Communications Manager for the Northwest Credit Union Association. In this role, she oversees NWCUA’s weekly newsletter, Anthem, and contributes to it weekly as a lead writer. She also contributes toward the organization’s various communications plans, unifying credit union voices to strengthen the Movement. Miller holds a bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis […]


Maija Noll

Development & Program Coordinator, NWCUF

Phone: 206.340.4839

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x125

Maija Noll is the Development and Program Coordinator for the Northwest Credit Union Foundation. In this role, she supports NWCUF programs and fundraising efforts. Noll holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Taylor University and a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She joins the Northwest Credit Union […]

Corina Ruiz

Corina Ruiz

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Phone: 206.340.4789

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x148

Corina Ruiz is a Strategic Relationships Manager for the Northwest Credit Union Association’s Strategic Link. In her role, Corina connects credit unions with the best partner to ensure success all the way around. She is passionate about progress through innovation while remaining true to the credit union cause. For the past 10 years, Ruiz was […]

Christine Ruzzi

AVP, Enterprise Engagement

Phone: 503.350.2206

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x206

Christine Ruzzi is the AVP, Enterprise Engagement for the Northwest Credit Union Association. She ensures that member credit unions take full advantage of the resources available to them through the Association, matching their needs with everything the Association has to offer. Before coming to the Association, Ruzzi spent 16 years in the accounting industry, serving […]

Ben Shuey

Specialist, Digital Marketing & Analytics

Phone: 208.297.5421

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x307

Ben Shuey is the Northwest Credit Union Association’s Digital Marketing and Analytics Specialist. In this role, he is in charge of managing the Association’s website, helping in the creation of the weekly Anthem newsletter, creating relevant marketing and other member communications, and tracking and analyzing web analytics. Shuey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business […]

Danielle Sittu

Danielle Sittu

SVP, Marketing & Communications

Phone: 206.340.4804

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x401

Danielle Sittu is Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Northwest Credit Union Association. In this role, she is responsible for developing the Association’s strategic direction for internal and external communications, including public relations, programming and events, digital and print marketing, and social media. She also directs the Association’s member engagement strategy, and […]

Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith

VP, Strategic Partnerships & Resources

Phone: 503.350.2234

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x234

Cameron Smith is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Resources for the Northwest Credit Union Association. In this role, he leads Strategic Link, which connects credit unions to the most relevant business solutions and emerging technology. Smith previously served as Chief of Staff for the Oregon Secretary of State where he led and coordinated a […]

Derek. Sprague

Derek Sprague

Director, Finance & Admin

Phone: 208.297.5922

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x303

Derek Sprague serves as the Director of Finance & Administration for the Northwest Credit Union Association. His primary roles include overseeing the accounting, auditing, and treasury functions for the Association, its subsidiaries, and ancillary organizations. He also assists with facility management. Sprague is a native of the Northwest and graduated with honors from Boise State […]

Troy Stang

Troy Stang

President & CEO

Phone: 503.350.2212

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x212

Troy Stang serves as the President and CEO of the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA), the trade association representing more than 170 not-for-profit, member-owned credit unions in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. More than 8.1 million consumers — 60% of the northwest population — are members of those credit unions. Under Stang’s leadership, the Association is […]

John Trull

John Trull

VP, Regulatory Advocacy

Phone: 503.350.2209

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x209

John Trull is the Vice President of Regulatory Advocacy for the Northwest Credit Union Association. He works to advocate credit unions’ opinions and positions to Federal and State Regulators to ensure reasonable non-burdensome regulations are promulgated. In addition to monitoring regulatory development and participating in the rulemaking processes where appropriate, Trull serves as a contact […]

Carmen Vigil

Carmen Vigil

AVP, Member Engagement

Phone: 206.340.4817

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x122

Carmen Vigil serves as the Assistant Vice President of Member Engagement for the Northwest Credit Union Association. In this role she has the pleasure of connecting with various micro-communities across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho including Credit Union Chapters, Councils, Leaders of Small Credit Unions, Young Credit Union Professionals, Alumni of Western CUNA Management School, and […]

Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer Wagner

EVP & Chief Advocacy Officer

Phone: 503.350.2224

Toll-free: 800.995.9064 x224

Jennifer Wagner is the EVP & Chief Advocacy Officer for the Northwest Credit Union Association. She leads the Association’s federal governmental affairs priorities, working closely with the Northwest congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. as well as in our region. Wagner oversees the Association’s grassroots advocacy programs and initiatives to raise political action funds to support candidates […]