Four Ways Sharing Your Data Advances the Credit Union Movement

You’ve heard it time and time again: Data is everything. In today’s hyper-digital world, nothing tells a story quite as clearly and concisely as numbers — and numbers don’t lie.

When it comes to building a more favorable operating environment for credit unions, having robust data highlighting the ways credit unions impact their members, communities, and the economy is critical.

Earlier this month, the Northwest and Mountain West Credit Union Associations distributed economic and community impact surveys to credit unions in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

The surveys measure credit unions’ economic output and impact on the industry’s economy, direct financial benefits to members, and the important work credit unions do every day, such as financial education, volunteerism, charitable contributions, special lending to rural communities, first-time homebuyer programs, and other key data points.

Sharing your data now makes a difference in four ways:

  1. Information shared in the surveys will inform robust reports that will be shared with hundreds of elected officials during the 2023 legislative sessions.
  2. Having ready-to-go data and resources ensures advocates are armed with everything they need to move the needle on priority legislation.
  3. Your data helps bring awareness to the public of credit unions’ unique structure, value, and impact.
  4. The reports will help you more effectively tell your own credit union story to your board, employees, members, and community.

It’s time to make that Credit Union Difference shine bright.

For questions about completing the surveys, please contact Christine Ruzzi, NWCUA VP of Enterprise Engagement.

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