Celebrating 14 Regional CUDE Graduates

In April and May, 14 credit union professionals in the Northwest and Mountain West regions completed the National Credit Union Foundation’s Credit Union Development Education (CUDE) training, earning the coveted CUDE designation. They are:

  • Andrew Downin, Vantage West Credit Union in Arizona;
  • Annie Snead, Ent Credit Union in Colorado;
  • Buffy Nustad, STCU in Washington;
  • Jeffrey Tennant, TwinStar Credit Union in Washington.
  • Kellie Henzel, TruWest Credit Union in Arizona;
  • Layna Officer, Blue Federal Credit Union in Wyoming;
  • Matthew FitzGerald, Verity Credit Union in Washington;
  • Matthew Rivera, TwinStar CU in Washington;
  • Minda Michelle Mattox, WSECU in Washington;
  • Ning Duong, Credit Union West in Arizona;
  • Pam Kastrava, Ent Credit Union in Colorado;
  • Peter Rector, Maps Credit Union in Oregon;
  • Rafael Saucedo, Gesa Credit Union in Washington; and
  • Rich Mohr, Mountain West Credit Union Association in Colorado.

The Development Education (DE) training is the National Credit Union Foundation’s signature education platform. DE helps established and emerging leaders within the Credit Union Movement understand and leverage credit unions’ unique business model to serve members and communities in new and better ways.

The training also functions as a process to understand fundamental barriers that prevent the prosperity of people and communities across the globe.

For 40 years, over 2,000 credit union advocates from 35 countries have attended the U.S. DE program to earn their CUD designation. Independent, international DE programs have spun off from the U.S. program, expanding the global DE alumni network to more than 4,500 individuals worldwide.

For a local leader, the experience served, in part, as a motivator.

“Participating in the CUDE program was a much-needed booster shot of Credit Union Movement inspiration,” said Andrew Downin, Vantage West Credit Union’s Chief Marketing & Digital Officer. “Our Movement’s unique cooperative philosophy and history rooted in financial access for all are the primary differentiators credit unions have compared to for-profit banks. CUDE training plays a critical role in helping credit union executives stay connected to our Movement’s true purpose.”

Peter Rector, Maps Credit Union’s Community Outreach Coordinator, shared what the experience meant to him.

“DE training was one of the best experiences of both my personal and professional career,” he said. “The opportunity to connect with industry professionals across the nation and dive headfirst into the Credit Union Movement was invaluable. Learning firsthand how the movement has impacted different communities throughout both our nation and the world was also incredibly inspiring. My intent will be to bring this momentum to the forefront of my daily work. As a renewed lightning rod for credit unions, I look forward to amplifying the Movement in the Willamette Valley and continuing to serve the underserved.”

Interested in attending DE training?

Information about the 2022 DE training dates and learning environments is available here, or reach out to Maggie Wolf, NCUF Development Education Manager, to be put on a notification list to stay up to date on upcoming 2022 registration information.

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