Save the Date: A Worldwide Effort to Share the Love for Credit Unions This Summer

In just a few months, credit unions across the globe will take to social media for the 2022 #ILoveMyCreditUnion campaign.

This grassroots social media blitz, created by the Illinois Credit Union League, combines the power of cooperation and the reach of social media to raise awareness about credit unions. The event’s inaugural launch in 2021 was an astounding success, reaching more than 22 million people in a single day.

This year, an even bigger, worldwide credit union effort will inspire authentic, energetic credit union conversation with the hashtag: #ILoveMyCreditUnion! Get ready to share your credit union love story, and encourage your members, family, and friends to join in.

The goal is simple — to raise awareness about credit unions and share stories about the amazing things they do! This positive message will be shared on all social platforms.

The idea may be big, but making it happen is simple for your credit union! Visit the campaign’s resource hub to access everything you’ll need to make plans for engaging your members in this exciting, nationwide collaboration. You’re welcome to personalize these materials with your own branding, design your own content, and add those unique touches that will speak to your membership.

To make the biggest impact, the entire Credit Union Movement must post on the same day using the same hashtag! Mark your calendars for Friday, July 29, 2022, and get ready to have fun raising credit union awareness with #ILoveMyCreditUnion!

Credit unions that sign up and share their engagement idea by July 1 will be entered into a $1,000 raffle for a charity of their choice. There will be 10 winners, so sign up today!

Now that you’re in the know, click here to watch a free 30-minute webinar to learn more about all the ready-made resources and collateral available to your credit union, including messaging templates, printable promos, video pieces, incentive ideas, and other design tools.

For questions about ways your credit union can participate, please contact the Illinois Credit Union League.

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