Download Free, Turn-Key Resources to Set Up New Grads for Success

Another school year is coming to an end, and students across the nation are celebrating the culmination of years of hard work and dedication: graduation. For many, the journey into adulthood feels exciting and full of possibility. For others, it may be daunting and anxiety-inducing, especially as economic experts warn of a coming recession.

As credit unions, you have a unique opportunity to help make this life transition a positive one by setting young adults up with all they need to start their financial lives on the right foot.

Your Association is here to help. Housed on NWCUA’s Marketing Resource Center are customizable blogs and infographics featuring helpful money management advice for recent graduates. Whether they’re moving from high school to secondary education, leaving home for the first time, or preparing for their first full-time job, NWCUA member credit unions can use these turn-key resources to help ensure their young members are making the right money moves early on.

Customize and post the blogs to your website, copy and paste individual tips to your social media pages, or share the infographics in your newsletter — these resources may be used however you see fit.

Click here to view and download the collateral today!

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