The Credit Union Awareness Program Boasts a Strong Start to 2022

Yesterday, credit unions across the country joined Credit Union Awareness, the LLC created by CUNA to manage to Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union initiative, for a first-ever national campaign update.

During the virtual presentation, the Credit Union Awareness revealed key data from 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, mentioning that credit unions experienced the fastest membership growth in 2021 than ever in credit union history, adding 5 million new members.

One driver of this growth can be attributed to increased awareness and consideration of credit unions as a result of the campaign. In fact, Credit Union Awareness revealed consideration has now exceeded 11 basis points from the baseline in 2019, equivalent to 22 million consumers. A large portion of these consumers, the team explained, are millennials and Gen Z.

“How are we doing this? We’re reaching consumers at scale,” said Kerry Pakula, Vice President of Engagement & Digital Strategy for Credit Union Awareness. “From the start of the program in 2019, we have increased our scale tenfold across the board by reaching consumers with the right message at the right time.”

In Q1, the top-performing ads nationwide included assets from the “Stand with a Credit Union” creative campaign, such as “Credit Unions Stand for You,” “Credit Unions Stand for People Like You,” and “Credit Unions Stand for Money That Works for You.” These ads, launched on Facebook and Instagram, saw some of the highest click-through rates (CTR) to, resulting in more than 11 million impressions.

The Credit Union Awareness team also shed light on the top audiences for its awareness objective in Q1:

  • Future Thinkers — Parents aged 35-55 who are interested in credit unions/banking
  • Unsettled Beginners — Individuals aged 25-34 who were recently engaged, married, or had recently moved
  • General CU — People aged 20-55 who are interested in credit unions/banking
  • Young Thrifty Parents — Parents aged 20-34 who are also recent grads or renters

Since the new and improved launched in early April, page views increased by 39% YOY and the average time spent on a page grew from 30 seconds to three minutes. Additionally, the team shared that 96% of users came from mobile devices. Site visitors are engaging regularly with the blog content, including helpful articles on common financial topics, such as building credit or financing a car. Millennials and Gen Z consumers make up the majority of site visitors, with 50% of users being 35 and younger and 73% being under the age of 44.

The team emphasized that acts as an additive to each contributing credit union’s marketing program. Participating credit unions have access to new creative collateral housed on Contributor HQ including a social media pack, customizable videos, co-branded graphics, and tutorials on how to create a credit union listing on the website.

Credit unions may view the full webinar recording and presentation materials on the Marketing Resource Center.

For questions about the Credit Union Awareness program or how to become a contributor, please contact Karla Davis, Director of Awareness Development.

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