Q&A: NWCU’s Nathan Bill on What He Hopes to Gain from the 2022 Emerging Leaders Program

This year’s class of the virtual Emerging Leaders Program is off and running! For the next six months, credit union professionals from across the Northwest will connect virtually, learn key skills for executing strategic plans, and further refine their leadership presence. It’s a program that numerous alumni described as “career-changing,” and even at times “life-changing.”

Nathan Bill, who serves as Business Development Officer, Mortgage Lending at Northwest Community Credit Union and is a 2021 YP Lead, was selected as this year’s Emerging Leaders Strategic Link Scholarship Contest winner. In an exclusive interview with Anthem, we caught up with Bill to find out what he’s hoping to take away from his Emerging Leaders journey.

ANTHEM: What made you want to participate in Emerging Leaders this year?

Nathan Bill: I wanted to push myself and apply for this program that I know will provide me with unique opportunities to further my development. I’m also very excited to utilize the cohort’s knowledge and learn from their personal experiences. I strongly believe that a big part of leadership is about inspiring people and encouraging them to believe in themselves. I wanted to learn effective ways to lead, inspire, and help others.

ANTHEM: In what ways do you hope the program will help you grow your career?

NB: I would love to use what I learn in this program to discover and develop my leadership style. I want to learn about time management, how to delegate effectively, and other important skills. I never really thought I wanted to be in management, but after meeting some great leaders from different credit unions, I was really inspired by them. I thought to myself, if they can have that impact in my life, then I can also hopefully make an impact for someone in the future.

ANTHEM: What’s your favorite thing about the Credit Union Movement and/or your role in it?

NB: My favorite thing about the Credit Union Movement is how much we give back. I always knew we gave back to our communities through volunteerism, donations, etc., BUT we also give back through lower interest rates, great service, and amazing products. When I was asked in early 2021 about first-time home buyers, my director told me to look at different products around the area and figure out how can we help our members with the rising costs of homes. I would never have had this opportunity if I worked for a much larger bank or mortgage lender. This is the Credit Union Movement — us helping our members.

ANTHEM: Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

NB: In 3-5 years, I would love to be in a leadership role of some sort with the credit union. Perhaps a Mortgage Sales Leader or a Business Development/Sales leader.

There’s no doubt this passionate young professional will reach those goals, especially once he’s equipped with the valuable tools, resources, and knowledge that the Emerging Leaders Program provides. Stay tuned for a series of blog updates from Bill over the course of his journey through the program.

To learn more about the Emerging Leaders Program, visit it online or contact Holly Miller, NWCUA Programming Director, with questions.

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