The New Connecting Millions of Consumers to Credit Unions

It’s official — after months of anticipation, the new is live, sporting a bold, eye-catching color scheme, robust collection of helpful resources and content, and suite of new and improved features.

The new site comes several months after Credit Union Awareness, the LLC created by CUNA, announced proposed brand and strategy changes to better support consumers’ journeys in finding and joining the right credit union for their unique financial needs.

“The program has proven that by delivering the right message, at the right time, to the ideal audience, we can not only get their attention, we can create action,” said Christopher Lorence, Executive Director for Credit Union Awareness, at CUNA GAC in March.

Late last year, the team revealed that the Credit Union Awareness program had increased credit union consideration by 8 basis points (roughly equivalent to 16 million consumers) since launching the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign in 2019. The campaign also resulted in more than 4 billion impressions and over 11 million visits to Now it’s time to turn that consideration into action.

“We apply what we’ve learned. We expand our objective. We not only refine our strategy, we sharpen it to more effectively create a consumer journey all the way to the doorstep of a credit union,” Lorence continued.

Finding the Right Credit Union

On the refreshed, it’s never been easier for consumers to be matched with a credit union in their area.

The new Credit Union Matcher tool asks consumers about their specific financial needs before revealing a curated list of not-for-profit cooperatives in their area. Consumers are prompted to plug in their zip code, select the types of purchases they plan to make in the next two to three years, which payment methods they’d like to use (cash, payment apps, or credit/debit cards), what type of banking presence they prefer (in branch or online/mobile), and whether they’d like to improve their financial potential. Then consumers are navigated to the Credit Union Locator, which, depending on their answers, shows a map of all credit unions in their area, with “Preferred” credit unions listed first.

Making Better Choices

A robust collection of resources on the site helps consumers make better financial decisions. Users can select a topic from the Personal Money Solutions menu to learn more about banking, checking solutions, personal loans, and mortgages, or they can visit the site blog, which has dozens of articles on budgeting, saving, borrowing, financial freedom, and the Credit Union Difference.

Some article titles include:

  • Totaling it Up: The True Cost to Drive Your Car
  • How to Establish a Credit History
  • 7 Financial Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore
  • 4 Ways Credit Unions Reinvest In You
  • 3 New Year’s Resolutions We Wish You Would Make (and Keep)

Dispelling the Myths About Credit Unions

Another key feature is the “About Credit Unions” resource menu. It answers common questions like “What is a credit union?” “Why choose a credit union” and “Who can join a credit union?” There’s also a Credit Union FAQ and Credit Union State Impact page boasting state-specific data such as the number of credit unions, total credit union members, the consumers’ financial benefit, and state economic impact.

Visit today to check out all the new features.

For more information about the Credit Union Awareness program, or how to become a contributor, please contact Danielle Sittu, NWCUA SVP, Marketing and Communications.


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