How to ‘Lift the Fog’ Around Today’s Cybersecurity Solutions

Over the past decade, businesses across the globe have placed a greater emphasis on cybersecurity as fraudsters become more sophisticated with each passing year. The pandemic only exacerbated these attacks, unveiling new vulnerabilities as millions of businesses quickly shifted their operations to a digital-first structure. And now, tensions between Russia and Ukraine are inviting new and worsening threats.

These cyber-attacks are costing industries millions of dollars in losses. Data breach costs increased from $3.86 million to $4.24 million in 2021, the highest in the past 17 years. What’s more, the Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) a breach in 2021 was 212 days, and the Mean Time to Contain (MTTC) was 75 days. That means a data breach lifecycle lasts, on average, 287 days — a little over nine months.

The good news is there have never been more tools, training, and resources available to defend against these risks. But with new cybersecurity solutions hitting the marketplace every day, the overwhelming “Fog of More” — more technology, information, and marketing — can be challenging to navigate.

Managed IT and cybersecurity services provider IP Services is here to “lift the fog” for Northwest credit unions.

During an April 14 webinar, the Strategic Link partner will host Tony Sager, Senior Vice President & Chief Evangelist, Center for Internet Security, who will discuss strategies for homing in on the problems and solutions that really matter, and how a credit union can achieve stronger cybersecurity without having to hire a roomful of tech wizards or spend exorbitant amounts of money.

Don’t miss this timely discussion — click here to learn more and register now.

Other Opportunities & Resources to Learn More

NWCUA’s upcoming Risk Management Council, taking place virtually on April 26, will delve deeper into the cybersecurity challenges related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Credit unions will hear from the cybersecurity experts at Think|Stack on what current world events mean for the future of cyber warfare and how to best prepare. Visit the event page to register for this must-attend session.

Additionally, Think|Stack CEO and Founder Chris Sachse recently spoke to FOX 45 News about why it’s imperative that organizations, including credit unions, ramp up their focus on cybersecurity as soon as possible. Read more and watch the full interview here.

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