Four Strategies to Deliver a Convenient Employee Experience

Consumers’ lives are moving faster than ever, and their demand for convenience puts increasing pressure on credit unions to improve the experience they deliver. When your members do business with you, or anyone for that matter, they expect the process to be fast and easy, and of course, a digital experience has quickly become the preferred experience.

While this convenience economy is evolving outside your credit union, CUNA Mutual Group says it’s important to consider the impact this shift has on your employees. As you add convenient channels and services, it’s important to consider how you’re preparing your staff to engage with members through these new opportunities. What works in a face-to-face setting most likely isn’t the best approach for online chat, social media, or other member-facing channels.

But how you train can be just as important as the topics you cover. It’s key to remember that employees are also consumers, and they bring this same convenience mindset to work every day. Compounding the challenge is today’s multi-generational workforce, with five generations in the workplace for the first time. Given this incredible diversity, both in terms of experience and expectations, it’s easy to see that the standard approach to training might not be the answer.

CUNA Mutual Group recommends four key strategies for upskilling your staff and improving performance in today’s convenience economy:

  1. Mentor the Member: Teach staff to be consultants, mentoring members through today’s highly complex financial world – especially those members who’ve “done their research” and think they’re ready to act.
  2. Meet their Demand: Offer your team web-based learning opportunities, self-paced eLearning, and other knowledge-building resources that let them conveniently choose the time, place, and channel that best suits their needs.
  3. Make it Quick: Develop a system that helps you narrow the gap between performance and feedback, to improve recall, re-enforce learning, and build skills more quickly.
  4. Mix in Fun: Apply game-based learning techniques to effectively connect with modern learners at every age and role.

When you make training stimulating, personal, fun, and convenient, your workforce is more engaged and more attuned to your business objectives. Engaged employees ultimately perform better, eager to help your members find the right solution as they pursue financial security. In turn, this enhanced experience not only improves your members’ loyalty, trust, and perceived value but also your credit union’s sales and revenue.

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