CO-OP Financial Services Rebrands as Co-op Solutions

At CUNA GAC earlier this month, CO-OP Financial Services revealed it was rebranding to Co-op Solutions. Along with the new name, the Strategic Link partner unveiled a new logo and corporate tagline which represents Co-op’s ongoing evolution as a proven innovator of reliable, secure, digital-first payments for the modern member, and fintech solutions for credit unions.

“Over the last few years we have aggressively invested in the company to produce a payments and financial technology platform for credit unions and their members, bringing us to a rebranding as Co-op Solutions,” said Todd Clark, President and CEO of Co-op Solutions. “It’s a change on the outside that better captures the change that has taken place on the inside. Co-op is an essential strategic partner committed to the success and growth of the credit union movement, and a provider of innovative solutions ensuring our clients offer their members leading-edge technology and services.”

Member-Centric Focus

Co-op has adopted “Make every experience matter” as its credo, which is supported by a new corporate mission statement: To connect credit unions to the technology, strategic partnership, and scale they need to best serve their members now and into the future.

“As we roll out the new branding, our focus remains true to the cooperative spirit we were founded on — to deliver integrated technology solutions that enable member engagement and drive usage and market share growth for credit unions,” said Samantha Paxson, Chief Experience Officer of Co-op. “The refreshed brand reflects our transformation into the partner dedicated to helping our clients become their members’ primary financial relationship.”

Today’s digitally mature Co-op Solutions represents a key opportunity for credit unions. Co-op has evolved from being a reseller of others’ products to building an ever-expanding technology ecosystem to address the lifestyle needs of members as they pay for things daily. Not only do credit unions have a true fintech company within the Movement, but they also have a consultative partner in providing complete solutions for members.

“Members want to interact with their institution whenever, however and wherever they choose, and each interaction must be simple, secure and satisfying,” said Clark. “Co-op provides a complete digital payments ecosystem that enables credit unions to facilitate the daily lifestyle moments of members. Each time a member pays for something, it is an experience that matters — bringing that member into a closer relationship with their credit union. Through our work, we help ensure that credit unions stay relevant and competitive, and create opportunity for them tailored to a demanding and crowded marketplace.”

Learn more about Co-op Solutions by visiting its partner page online, or contact the Strategic Link team to get connected.

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