Canopy Credit Union Awards $10,000 Great Loan Giveaway

The Great Loan Giveaway, originally awarded in 2021, offered anyone who financed or refinanced an auto loan in a calendar year at Canopy the chance to win up to $10,000 toward paying off their loan balance. This year’s winners, chosen at random from a list of over 1900 members and write-in participants, were thrilled to receive the prize.

Marc and Jennifer Ward, who have been members at Canopy since 2019, were shocked to get the call that they’d won. “The financial freedom that comes with not having to worry about that car payment is just amazing. We’re hoping to start a family soon and this will go a long way toward making that possible,” said Marc.

Canopy Marketing Director Jon Maroni said making the call to the winners was “one of the most amazing things I’ve gotten to do during my time at Canopy.”

“Our mission is to improve the financial lives of our members, and this is such a tangible example of that,” Jon continued. “Getting to cheer for Marc and Jennifer as they walked in to pick up their check was absolutely incredible.”

To see Marc and Jennifer’s reaction to the prize and hear their story, watch Canopy’s video below.

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