Longtime Horizon CU Employee Laurel Pangburn Says Her Goodbyes Upon Retirement

After 43 years of working for Horizon Credit Union, executive secretary Laurel Pangburn has announced her retirement.

Since the credit union’s early years, Laurel has been a passionate and deeply loved part of Horizon. She has been a part of the credit union’s growth and has seen Horizon flourish to where it stands today.

When she started working for Horizon in 1979, named Kaiser Federal Credit Union at the time, the credit union had only two branches and approximately 12 employees. Now, Horizon has over 400 employees and 28 branch locations across four states.

Laurel is truly part of the fabric and culture at Horizon. She has worked in a variety of roles from accounting to member service and even as a branch manager. In her 43-year tenure, she has met members, volunteers, and employees with kindness, graciousness, and the smile of a friend.

“Laurel truly cares about others and it shows in her daily walk,” said Jeff Adams, Horizon President and CEO. “Whether it’s our members or other employees, our lives are all richer for the opportunity we have had to work alongside Laurel!”

When Laurel reflects on what made Horizon a great place to work, she said that “the employees, board of directors, supervisory committee, even the members keep Horizon going. The Horizon family is amazing, and I will miss them.”

Regarding what will change after retirement, Laurel shared a conversation she had with her daughter. “Her whole life, I’ve worked at Horizon. She’s kind of at a loss because she calls me every day, and now she’s like ‘Mom, where am I going to call you at? You won’t be there anymore!’” said Pangburn, laughing.

Among the memories Pangburn has made while at Horizon, the one thing that stands out for her the most is the people she has met.

“Some of the best memories I’ve had are the many friendships I’ve made,” said Pangburn. “I still keep in touch with members from when I started 43 years ago. In fact, at Disneyland and Hawaii both, I ran into some of our members. What a small world!”


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