Providence Federal Credit Union Announces Pass of Board Member, Gina McGraw

With great sorrow, Providence Federal Credit Union announced the passing of Gina McGraw, a beloved PFCU board member of nearly 20 years.

Born in St. Paul Minnesota, Gina was the eldest of two sisters and seven brothers. She was full of compassion and had a tremendous desire to help others, and after graduating high school, she went straight into nursing school at St. Gabriel’s School of Nursing. She then transferred to Hastings School of Nursing and graduated as an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). Gina ultimately earned a degree as an RN and BSN from the University of Portland. From there she launched her career for helping others as a respiratory RN at Providence Portland Medical Center. During her 30 years at Providence Health, she held several positions: Assistant Head Nurse, Computer Specialist, and Quality Management. For her significant contributions, she received several awards throughout the years: Spirit of Emily Gamlin Award, PRIDE Award, Volunteer Reading Tutor, and Employee of the Month.

“This is a profound loss for the PFCU family. Gina truly embodied the very essence of what we stand for. Her experience in the medical field and her concerns for helping others made her invaluable,” says Shirley Cate, PFCU President and CEO. “She was not only a board member who was skillful at process improvement, but she was also a friend who truly cared for others. People like Gina are rare, and our PFCU family will miss her dearly”.

Gina enjoyed sewing, knitting, and jigsaw puzzles. Aside from being an active board member for PFCU, Gina was also an NW Fuchsia Society Member, “Passage Quilt” Project influencer, and traveler. Her most recent trip was on a Mexican Riviera Cruise through the Panama Canal.

Gina leaves behind two daughters, Molly and Marsha.

PFCU will donate to the Portland Providence Foundation in memory of Gina McGraw.

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