3 Ways to Enhance Your Financial Education Efforts

Year after year, promoting financial literacy remains a top focus and priority for credit unions. It’s a key component of the “People Helping People” mission that sets them apart from other financial institutions.

There are many ways credit unions work toward this goal, whether by offering free budgeting courses, hosting financial reality fairs in schools, providing incentives to save, or sharing online money management tools.

One method some may not have considered is utilizing text messages to bring financial education directly to the devices members use every day.

For example, with Eltropy’s world-class text-messaging platform, credit unions can:

  • Create an ongoing text message campaign with helpful links, articles, and other valuable resources.
    Whether the content is curated in-house or sourced from a trusted outlet, sharing helpful financial literacy tips is a great way to set members down the road to financial wellness. Each week or month can be themed around topics such as wealth management, saving for the future, improving credit, filing taxes, etc.
  • Send fun and interactive quizzes with potential incentives.
    Eltropy’s quiz feature is often used for document collection or loan processing, but it can also be a fun way to test your members’ money know-how and highlight areas where they may need additional support. Offering incentives for completing the quiz, like a $5 gift card or points that may be redeemed for prizes, is a great way to keep members engaged.
  • Promote an upcoming event.
    Use text messaging to let members know about any upcoming financial education events or offerings and to gauge their interest in attending. You can even ask specific groups or demographics to share topics they’re interested in learning about and use that feedback to inform your programming.

Eltropy’s customizable templates make it easier than ever to engage with members. To learn how they can complement your credit union’s financial education offerings, visit Eltropy’s partner page or contact the Strategic Link team.

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