Credible Advantage Partnership Brings Board & CEO Leadership Training to 170+ Credit Unions

Now more than ever, credit union board members and CEOs are feeling the pressure to prioritize building strong leadership skills and competencies to lead through the complexities of today. In this ever-changing environment, it’s critical credit union boards and those individuals leading the daily helm as CEOs to be unified in their communication, trust, accountability, strategic priorities, and culture.

CEOs everywhere are looking for:

  • Improved chemistry, trust, feedback, and strategic input from their boards;
  • Opportunities for continued growth in their own leadership and communication skills in a safe environment;
  • Improved crucial conversation skills when conflict arises inside and outside the boardroom and how to professionally work through these to build high functioning teams; and
  • Support from the board, including encouragement, honest feedback, and clear direction.

It’s clear that building a culture of unity and collaboration is key to thriving in the current financial services industry.

The question is… how do you get there?

That’s where new Strategic Link partner Credible Advantage comes in. They provide credit unions the expertise to create an environment where their board and CEO work together as a unified team, supporting each other and driving the organization’s mission forward. Through an extensive one-on-one coaching program, Credible Advantage helps credit union executives amplify the valuable skills that got them to where they are today while also identifying potential blind spots and growth opportunities to become more effective leaders and communicators.

“Partnering with Strategic Link is exciting, as our purpose is helping leaders discover the path to courageous leadership. Our credit union teams want and need an environment where the board members, CEOs, and key executives are approaching the organization with a unified focus on long-term success,” says Connie Miller, CEO of Credible Advantage. “Too often, we invest in effective strategic planning exercises, but we forget that if the board, CEO, and executive team members are not unified and communicating effectively, a critical barrier is created for the credit union’s success.”

Indeed, many board members are asking for guidance too, including how to:

  • Support the team with a great culture and accountability;
  • Provide insight for strengthening the competitive advantage;
  • Create sustainable strategies for long term success;
  • Build board member competencies and skills;
  • Improve diversity and demographics of the board; and
  • Conduct succession planning for the board, CEO, and senior leadership teams.

Credible Advantage knows the ins and outs of successful credit union operations and leadership. Miller has volunteered and served on more than 20 boards and board committees throughout her career, and has reported to a board in the boardroom as an employee for 35 years, in both the CFO/VP Finance and CEO roles.

More recently, Miller served as President and CEO of Icon Credit Union and was named one of Idaho’s CEO of Influence for her leadership, integrity, vision, diversity, and influence. She has led and seen high functioning boards and CEO/executive teams and seen some dysfunctional ones as well. She understands many board members receive no training on how to be effective in their board role, and CEOs often grow with the position in the credit union and forget they, too, need a safe place to grow as the organization changes as well.

“Connie’s extensive experience both as a many-time board member and credit union CEO makes Credible Advantage an invaluable asset to the Northwest credit union community,” said Cameron Smith, VP, Strategic Partnerships. “As credit unions continue to grow, innovate, and find new ways to serve their members and communities, fostering a culture of communication and relationship-building will be paramount to long-term success.”

Want to learn what Credible Advantage can offer your team? Please contact Erin Bennett, Strategic Partnerships Manager, to get connected.

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