Big Changes Coming to Credit Union Awareness Program Next Year

Last Thursday, Northwest credit unions got a sneak peek at the big changes coming for the Credit Union Awareness program next year.

During the Dec. 9 webinar, the Credit Union Awareness team (the CUNA-led LLC that manages the program) shared key performance metrics from Q3 of 2021 and unveiled exciting next steps in the program’s evolution. Here are some highlights:

  • Nationally, consumer awareness of credit unions is tracking well overall, with consideration up 8 percentage points from 2019 and 6 points above the 2021 goal. In the Northwest, view rates on creative assets increased by 3.4%, with “Make Money Work Harder” and “Saving and Investing” being the leading themes.
  • Credit Union Awareness mobilized 11 social media influencers to help spread awareness of credit unions. In just four weeks, those influencers drove 14,936 visits to the campaign’s consumer-facing website, Nearly half of that traffic (46%) came from Tik Tok — a video-focused social networking platform with 1 billion users.
  • Starting as early as Q1 of 2022, Credit Union Awareness is revamping and expanding the consumer-facing brand, creative assets, website, media strategy, and more to align with the program’s evolving focus.

“Right now we’re focused on awareness and consideration, but as we move later into 2022, we’re going to be adding in the idea of consideration to conversion. What we mean by conversion is connecting a consumer that visits to your credit union,” said Kerry Pakula, Vice President of Engagement and Digital Marketing for Credit Union Awareness. “Ultimately, that is what we want to do — connect consumers to you.”

Credit unions can access the full webinar recording and presentation materials on NWCUA’s Marketing Resource Center.

Have a question about the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign or want to become a contributor? Please contact Danielle Sittu, NWCUA SVP, Marketing & Communications.

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