SELCO Undergoes Major Internal Restructuring

In one of the most significant restructurings in its 85-year history, SELCO Community Credit Union recently completed a realignment of many of its internal roles and responsibilities following a thorough analysis and audit of its operations. The restructuring is intended to further leverage existing talents within the company, achieve even greater efficiency in operations, and allow SELCO to build upon its outstanding reputation for member service.

“When you’ve been around for as long as SELCO has, you understand that quality growth and change are not only inevitable, they are also critical components to the long-term success of any organization,” said Bob Newcomb, President and CEO. “While this internal restructuring will make us even more strategic, efficient, and effective as a credit union, it will also further enhance SELCO’s ability to uphold our mission of improving our members’ social and economic position.”

Founded in 1936, SELCO has undergone a number of restructurings as the company has grown from its humble roots as a credit union for Lane County teachers and school employees into one of the state’s largest credit unions, with $2.5 billion in assets and 142,000 members across 27 Oregon counties.

While many of these changes happened organically over the years, the current restructuring is a deliberate effort to prioritize forward-looking growth strategies. It is also a reflection of the company’s confidence in its team members, and coincides with SELCO’s plans to consolidate personnel in its new corporate headquarters over the coming months.

A complete list of notable changes from the current realignment can be found below, but the realignment largely affects SELCO’s Senior Management, Member Experience, Human Resources, Finance & Operations, Information Services & Technology, and Marketing teams.

“We believe that evolving to meet members’ changing needs, operating efficiently, and recognizing outstanding team members for their contributions help set SELCO apart,” said Newcomb. “I’m proud of where our team has taken us. Thanks to their commitment and leadership, we can look forward to serving members another 85 years and beyond.”

Changes to SELCO Senior Management Team:

  • Tiffany Washington promoted to Executive Vice President of Finance & Operations. Areas of oversight include Finance & Accounting, Team Member Experience, Member Experience, and Marketing.
  • Kirk Letourneau promoted to Senior Vice President of Information Services & Technology. Areas of oversight include Information Services, Information Technology, Information Security, Digital Solutions, and Strategic Execution.
  • Steve McIntire promoted to Senior Vice President of Enterprise Risk & General Counsel. Areas of oversight include Legal Services, Enterprise Risk Management, Collections, Administration & Facilities, Investment & Retirement Services, and Insurance Services.
  • Craig Carpenter received title change of Senior Vice President of Lending & Business Banking. Areas of oversight include Commercial Lending, Direct Consumer Lending, Indirect Consumer Lending, Mortgage, Cash Management Services, and Lending Administration.

Changes to Other Positions:

  • Christi Shaw promoted to Assistant Vice President of Team Member Experience. Areas of oversight include Human Resources, Payroll, and Talent Development.
  • Babs Manion moved to Vice President of Member Experience. Areas of oversight include branches, Loan and Service Call Centers, Membership & Account Administration, and Operations Support.
  • Lee Anne Brockelman promoted to Director of Operations Support.
  • Jeff Stevens promoted to Vice President – Controller.
  • John Ryan promoted to Director of Information Services.
  • Steve Liu promoted to Director of Information Technology.
  • Joel Hennessy promoted to Software Engineering Manager.
  • Christi Oakerman promoted to Director of SELCO Investment & Retirement Services.
  • Dan Budzko moved to Director of Enterprise Risk Management.


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