WECU Productions Offer a Unique Focus on Community

Connecting with community is a huge part of the work credit unions do. People Helping People isn’t just a motto — it’s a way of doing business, as well as offering service to others.

It’s with that in mind that WECU began its Neighbor-to-Neighbor podcasts in 2018, now 28 episodes strong. WECU’s Program Manager for PR and Content, Keith Mader, believes that the credit union’s mission is to highlight its community. He explains that the podcasts started from the idea that WECU has been in Bellingham since 1936, and the credit union wants to tell the stories of the people who live there.

“We’ve been here for all this time, and we’re highly involved in our community. We have a unique local perspective to tell these stories,” Mader said.

Each episode focuses on one entity, either a nonprofit organization or a business. Mader interviews one person from the organization to highlight the work they do. The podcasts guests range from a local weatherman who began a Facebook weather page — now more than 25,000 followers strong — to a local organization that serves people with developmental disabilities, to a farmer who specializes in growing exotic mushrooms, and a nonprofit that serves women transitioning out of human trafficking.

One deviation from focusing on local organizations is a podcast Mader produced recently featuring Greg Neuman and Mike Reuter from the World Council of Credit Unions speaking about International Credit Union Day.

“That podcast was intentional because we wanted to focus on the fact that credit unions around the world are doing the same things that WECU is doing by focusing on their communities,” Mader said. “These podcasts put our community in the spotlight and with this episode, we want our members to understand that the Credit Union Movement is global.”

The Neighbor-to-Neighbor podcasts aren’t the only productions that WECU presents. This year they began monthly Money Flow podcast during which WECU experts speak on one aspect of financial education. One episode focused on how to teach kids about money, while another featured information about refinancing auto loans.

In addition to the podcasts, WECU has a YouTube channel that features quarterly WECU Real Estate Market Updates with Nicholas Longo, Production Manager for WECU’s Real Estate Team. Each episode updates the local market snapshot, offers information on the different types of home loans, as well as an “Ask the Expert” segment for homeowners that focuses on a variety of subjects, including advice from a plant nursery and tips from a home inspector.

WECU productions are posted on the website and on their YouTube channel so members and others can listen at a convenient time. The credit union promotes the Neighbor-to-Neighbor podcasts and Real Estate Market Updates on their social media channels.

“We know our members value our local support and our background in the community to reinforce WECU’s mission. It’s about presenting authentic, personal, and first-hand knowledge of what’s happening around us,” Mader said.

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