LenderClose “Closes” the Deal with Credit Unions at MAXX 2021

Solutions providers from across the country work in a variety of ways to secure partnerships with Northwest credit unions. Outreach via email, phone, and Zoom are a few tools vendors use, but there is no better way to connect than up close and in person.

It’s one reason that the Strategic Link trade show at MAXX 2021 was so beneficial to both solutions providers and to NWCUA members. As attendees at MAXX, credit union leaders and staff have the opportunity to see product and service demonstrations, as well as discuss their specific needs with potential vendors.

That’s exactly what happened when Mill Town Credit Union’s CEO Laura Leuze and Compliance Officer Cindy Kyle sat down with solutions provider LenderClose to see how the company could help them with their home loan services. LenderClose offers technology to credit unions to streamline lending and underwriting by automating the process for speed and efficiency.

LenderClose—a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO)—currently works with 22 credit union partners across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Vice President of Client Relations Chris Meade believes it’s the ability to meet with credit union leaders in person that makes the difference in forming partnerships.

“We first spoke with Mill Town in May, but our conversations stalled out in July as they embarked on other initiatives. The MAXX conference afforded us the opportunity to speak with Laura and Cindy in an environment created to foster conversations about how best to move the credit union forward,” Meade said.

Meade explained that he and his associates were first-time attendees at MAXX 2021, and noted that the layout and arrangement of the trade show was top-notch, making it easy to connect with attendees.

For her part, Leuze agrees that meeting in person is conducive to ensuring the solution is a good fit. She notes that while the credit union had previously spoken with LenderClose, an agreement was put on the back burner because other initiatives took precedence, and she had some concerns about the process that she needed to address.

“It was good to talk one-on-one and meet with the LenderClose people in person so we could discuss the options that work best for our needs,” said Leuze. “They answered my questions and we worked out a deal. Honestly, if we hadn’t met at MAXX, the paperwork would probably still be on my desk.”

Leuze said that after MAXX, LenderClose conducted training with the Mill Town staff the next week. The program is now up and running, and the credit union has started placing orders—all within 10 days of signing the agreement.

Meade said the trade show delivered all that was expected, helping LenderClose secure an ongoing partnership with Mill Town, as well as begin discussions with other potential clients.

“In a world full of competing initiatives, MAXX provided an environment conducive to discussing innovative solutions away from daily distractions, and there’s just no substitute for face-to-face conversations,” said Meade.

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