Pioneer Federal Credit Union Launches the Cozera id-go Digital Authentication Credential for Members

Mountain Home, Idaho-based Pioneer Federal Credit Union launched the id-go digital authentication credential to its 55,000 members, giving them a fast and easy way to navigate today’s complex identity verification processes.

Designed to go wherever the user goes on their mobile phone, id-go works however members interact with the credit union. Pioneer has immediately begun using id-go to authenticate members in the call center and with video teller machines.

As credit unions increase fraud prevention measures the member’s experience with identity verification processes can become frustrating. Constantly being asked to give up information like the last four numbers of the member’s social security number, mother’s maiden name, name of pet when you were a child, etc., is time consuming and the challenges are at odds with the close member familiarity fostered in credit unions.

“It almost felt like an interrogation process,” says Tracey Miller, Sr. VP of Operations at Pioneer. “We didn’t want our members to feel like a number, so we were looking for a way to be able to authenticate their identity and begin by greeting them by their name. id-go lets us do that and enables a better member experience while still providing the security the credit union and its members need.”

id-go is a portable, verified identity credential that is controlled by the user and can be used to authenticate identity in a variety of situations such as on the phone, video teller, logging in to online banking, or identifying yourself to a teller in-branch. Much like TSA-PreCheck, enrollment is an easy, one-time process. Once enrolled, the id-go credential continues to provide a persistent, verified digital identifier for the user and the credit union. The user’s personal information is kept private, encrypted and under their control.

“When COVID hit, our call center numbers tripled,” said Miller. “We needed a solution that would help us verify callers while maintaining a positive member experience. For years we have been trying to solve the problem of identifying our members in the call center with confidence–id-go delivered.”

Ease of implementation into the credit union’s environment is critical.

“Most credit unions do not have extensive tech development teams, so we designed id-go as a no-code/low code solution,” said Abrar Ahmed, CEO of Cozera’s id-go. “Credit unions can easily integrate id-go into their environments and be up and running in a matter of hours.”

Pioneer’s Miller was looking for a solution that balanced fraud prevention with improved member experience. She noted operational efficiencies by adopting id-go.

“We have found that id-go has enabled us to reduce call time in the call center by 20-30 seconds per call,” she said. “And we anticipate seeing efficiencies in our other channels as well.”

Pioneer Federal Credit Union joins Advantis Credit Union, Rivermark Community Credit Union and Unitus Credit Union in implementing id-go for their members.

To learn more about Cozera id-go, please contact the Strategic Link team.

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