Secure Cloud Adoption: Shift Your Mindset from Curious to Committed

Driven by fintech competition and the challenges of COVID-19, the credit union industry is seeing a trend among executives who are becoming less curious and more committed to exploring the adoption of secure cloud technologies.

There is a shift toward agile cloud adoption — especially as executives discover the cost benefits from a reduction in maintenance expenses and a faster time to market for new applications and services for members.

A managed IT services company specializing in cloud and cybersecurity with human-centered design, Strategic Link partner Think|Stack believes this shift must happen sooner rather than later. With safety and security at the forefront, it’s all about secure cloud adoption and digital transformation as credit unions enter the post-pandemic era.

Partners such as Think|Stack are familiar with the shared security model and the credit union industry — including what the regulations are, what the examiners are looking for, and what questions they’re asking. They can help educate board members and ultimately ensure their buy-in. When credit unions embrace innovation and minimize the cost of failure, they allow for experimentation and iteration to develop solutions to business challenges.

Threats are occurring and changing every day. Legacy equipment leaves credit unions vulnerable and requires tremendous internal resources to maintain. With the right technology and partner, credit unions with a cloud-first strategy have instant access to accurate information about servers and data. This allows credit unions to respond quickly and securely to cybersecurity breaches or natural disasters.

With any great innovation also comes great responsibility, and during and after cloud migration, credit unions must remain acutely focused on their role as secure custodians of member data. Like any technology, the cloud is a tool, and credit unions need to understand where their responsibilities in utilizing this tool start and end.

With more than 10 years of experience, the Think|Stack team is always available to help and provide additional information or support along the way. Download a real-life example of how Think|Stack’s partnership with a credit union created a platform from which technology continues to keep them secure, innovative, and confident.

Connect directly with Think|Stack at the 2021 MAXX Strategic Link Trade Show in Boise, Oct. 5-7. The team will be waiting to meet with Northwest credit unions at booth #80. For a full list of exhibitors attending this year’s trade show, visit the event page online or download the official 2021 MAXX app.

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