What Does the Credit Union Branch of Tomorrow Look Like?

In just two weeks, Northwest credit unions will meet with 120 of the industry’s most innovative business partners at the 2021 MAXX Strategic Link Trade Show in Boise.

Cook Solutions Group (CSG) will showcase their state-of-the-art solutions for surveillance and security, and host a breakout session on Oct. 7, focused on reimagining the credit union branch. Learn more by checking out the full event agenda online.

We sat down with CSG’s Kyle Hempe to learn more about what MAXX attendees can look forward to learning about the company’s products and services at this year’s convention.

Q. Can you give us an idea about the products you’ll be showing new and existing clients at the trade show?

A. For one, stop by and pick up a bottle of our famous BBQ sauce, which is always a hit! We want to invite everyone to learn about our suite of remote-managed services, the credit union branch-of-the-future layout, and several game-changing new solutions CSG can provide both within a branch and remotely.

Q. What do you see as a major challenge credit unions are facing, and how can CSG help them overcome that challenge?

A. The biggest challenge is the shrinking size of the credit union branch, which requires more utilization of remote-managed services while still being able to protect member data from the increased cyber threats. This combination of physical threats and cyber threats makes it extremely important to perform vendor due diligence.

Q. How do your services differ from others in your industry?

A. Our biggest differentiator is that our solutions suite takes complex problems and makes them simple and efficient. A great example of this is our managed services, which we’ve branded as RemoteView, or our video surveillance with retail analytics, PIKO.

Q. Are you working with any Northwest credit unions now?

A. We currently work with more than 300 credit unions throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We can’t stress enough how much the Northwest credit unions have helped us innovate by bringing us their problems.

You can connect with the Cook Solutions Group team, Oct. 5-7, at the MAXX 2021 Strategic Link Trade Show in Boise! They’ll be waiting to meet with you at booth #39.

Featuring world-class speakers, the CU4Kids Enchanted Northwest Gala, the Summit Awards Dinner, the Strategic Link Trade Show, and more, MAXX is the must-attend event of 2021. And given your feedback, there are even more roundtable and networking opportunities than ever before. Click here to learn more about MAXX and register today.

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