Develop a Signature Leadership Style and Achieve Lasting Success

What makes someone a great leader?

Is it their intelligence, their accomplishments, their work ethic?

Those factors certainly play a role, but according to Hall of Fame Speaker and MAXX 2021 keynoter Jason Hewlett, developing your signature leadership style is the key to becoming a truly legendary leader.

Through his entertaining and thought-provoking presentation, “The Promise,” Hewlett delivers a powerful message through a performance that includes comedy, impressions, and music. In it, he examines the signature moves that turned run-of-the-mill performers into universally recognized musical legends and explains how business leaders of today can use that inspiration to ignite their inner icon.

During this engaging and hilarious talk on the MAXX mainstage, he’ll push his audience to consider the roles they play within their organizations and emphasize the importance of delivering on “The Promise” — the promise they make to themselves, their workplace, and the community. Attendees will leave his presentation feeling energized and ready to achieve lasting success.

Hewlett is the author of “The Promise to The One,” a book centered on self-discovery, taking ownership of your purpose and gifts, and sharing them with the world. He’s given more than 2,000 presentations to businesses and organizations around the world and is one of the youngest people to ever been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.

Don’t miss this opportunity to identify, clarify, and magnify your promise with Jason Hewlett at MAXX 2021 on Oct. 7. Learn more about Hewlett and the other world-class speakers coming to this year’s convention online.

Watch a video of Hewlett in action:

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