Credit Unions Collaborate to Clean up Portland

Portland is a strong, resilient city in need of some help. Its beautiful downtown, known for its miles of greenbelt parks, vibrant business scene, and a beautiful blend of modern and historic architecture, could use some shining up.

A group of credit unions, in search of a way to make a positive collective impact, identified litter cleanup as a tangible way to improve the landscape. They will partner with SOLVE, an organization that works through volunteers to improve the environment, for a Downtown Portland Cleanup Day on Sept. 15.

Sponsors providing financial or volunteer support include Advantis, Central Willamette, Consolidated Community, Forrit, iQ, OnPoint Community, Rivermark Community, and Unitus Community credit unions. The Northwest Credit Union Foundation is supporting the effort as well.

“Working with SOLVE on a Portland cleanup is important to Forrit because this is our home, our neighborhood, and has been for over 80 years,” said Sarah Buck, Director of Experiences at Forrit Credit Union. “Dedicating the time and effort to this initiative helps move our members and our community forward by creating a cleaner and safer environment for everyone.”

Buck said Forrit’s entire team, Board of Directors, and Supervisory Committee are being encouraged to volunteer.

“We’re happy to link arms with our fellow Northwest credit unions to partner with SOLVE and help the city cleanup up our community one neighborhood at a time,” said Megan Snyder, Unitus Community Credit Union’s AVP of Strategic Partnerships. “For us, partnering with SOLVE means supporting the diversity and health of our community through sponsorship and volunteerism, including bringing Unitus volunteers together to improve the health and safety of our neighborhoods and natural areas like our beautiful coasts, rivers, parks, and forests.”

There is still time to sign up.

Four locations have been selected in the downtown corridor. The time commitment is short, from about 8:45 until 11:30 a.m. Join dozens of Credit Union Movement volunteers who’ve already signed up to take part. Select your desired location and register for the event here.

Employees of iQ Credit Union receive eight hours of paid time for community work each year and are anxious to help at the cleanup day.

“iQ is made up of employees who care deeply for our community and want to see Portland come back stronger than before,” said Danette LaChapelle, SVP of Marketing and Chief Communications Officer. “These events with SOLVE give us the chance to give boots-on-the-ground support.”

Many employees from OnPoint are “all in” as well.

“The well-being of a community – from the people and wildlife to the waterways and local businesses – depends upon a clean and healthy environment. As a local credit union that works closely with many of our region’s non-profits and businesses, we see this impact every day,” said Tory McVay, SVP, Chief Retail Officer and Marketing Executive, OnPoint Community Credit Union. “This is why we are proud to partner with SOLVE and our fellow credit unions on this Downtown Portland Cleanup, and further our commitment to building a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.”

The Sept. 15 event will mark SOLVE’s one-year downtown cleanup anniversary.  In the 11 previous SOLVE/volunteer events, more than 4,750 volunteers have helped to remove nearly 50,000 pounds of litter from the area.

“We are thrilled to have such strong involvement from credit unions,” said Kris Carico, CEO of SOLVE. “One of the goals of SOLVE’s Downtown Portland Litter Cleanup Days is to make Portland a cleaner and safer place to live, work, and play. It’s great to see so many credit union employees invest in their community through this type of volunteerism.”

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