Catch Risha Grant’s Illuminating Keynote at MAXX 2021

Diversity, equity, and inclusion… Chances are, you’ve heard a fair share in recent years about this incredibly important mission. Credit unions everywhere are diving full force into defining what it means for their employees, members, and the communities they serve.

While these values are, in many ways, intrinsic to Credit Union’s Movement’s core philosophy of “People Helping People,” taking the time to learn what they truly mean can give your credit union a competitive edge in a rapidly changing economy.

How? By being able to successfully attract diverse markets. The key, according to internationally renowned diversity and inclusion expert Risha Grant, is to figure out what members in those diverse markets need, and then work to meet those needs. But none of that can be done if you haven’t already fostered a strong culture of DEI at your credit union.

Through her high-energy presentation at MAXX 2021, “Permission: Granted — To Attract Diverse Markets,” Grant will arm credit unions with DEI tools to increase their bottom line and get rid of the BS — “bias synapse,” that is, a clever term she’s coined to describe the unconscious bias that lives in all of us. She’ll explain how diversity intersects with every aspect of business and provide attendees with actionable steps on how to:

  • Create a successful diversity communications plan of action;
  • Communicate to diverse audiences; and
  • Market to diverse groups versus mainstream audiences.

Grant is the author of the book “That’s BS! How Bias Synapse Disrupts Inclusive Cultures.” Known for her bold and illuminating talks on diversity, she has led countless businesses and organizations to new places of respect and understanding. She’s been featured in numerous publications and podcasts, and has presented to Discover Card Financial Services, Samsung Electronics America, Wells Fargo, United States Airforce, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, the University of Oklahoma, and many more.

Check out some clips of her in action.

It’s time to cut the BS — join Grant on the MAXX mainstage Oct. 6, and learn more about the other world-class speakers coming to this year’s convention in Boise.

Featuring inspiring keynotes, the CU4Kids Enchanted Northwest Gala, the Summit Awards Dinner, the Strategic Link Trade Show, and more, MAXX is the must-attend event of 2021. And given your feedback, there are even more roundtable and networking opportunities than ever before. Click here to learn more about MAXX and register today.

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