Bringing Next-Level Leadership Consulting & Executive Coaching to Northwest Credit Unions

Industry consolidation, digital disruption, staffing shortages, and return-to-work policies — these are all key issues that credit union leaders are tackling right now.

They’re relying on their robust set of skills and expertise to overcome these obstacles and support their teams while continuing to serve their constituents. But they don’t have to weather the storm alone.

To help guide Northwest credit unions through these challenges, Strategic Link has partnered with Vancouver, Washington-based Mersino Consulting, led by Deborah Mersino, Principal Consultant. The firm offers credit unions both leadership consulting and executive coaching services, including team assessments, organizational health workshops, training and support around meeting structures, meeting facilitation and support, and more.

One NWCUA member credit union has already seen great results after working with the firm. Seth Schaefer, President and CEO of Rivermark Community Credit Union in Beaverton, Oregon, said he highly recommends Mersino to anyone interested in improving their teams’ dynamic.

“Working with each team member, [Deborah] will help them discover what brings them joy at work and where they can best contribute using their talents,” Schaefer said. “Once understood, it can be leveraged and maximized to find the efficiency and harmony of a highly effective team. I highly recommend Deborah for her curiosity, her intuitive honesty, and her partnership in helping our team reach for the next level.”

According to Deborah, leaders who champion their staff members’ skills and prioritize minimal politics, minimal confusion, high productivity, and high morale are ultimately those who will maintain that competitive advantage and achieve the best results.

“For instance, a credit union can purchase the best technology, but if it does not have the processes, and/or communication in place to ensure that clarity and alignment exist during the rollout and afterward, that technology will not achieve what it was intended to accomplish,” said Deborah.

Founded on the purpose of “Elevating good in the world,” the new Strategic Link partner guides leaders and executive teams on how to build strong, cohesive teams that are aligned in mission and vision. Mersino breaks down ways those leaders can create clarity in their communications and motivate their employees while preventing burnout.

Cameron Smith, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Resources at NWCUA, said this partnership was a clear fit for Strategic Link.

“Deborah is a former executive in the credit union space who now serves as a CAPA Pro affiliate of The Table Group,” he explained. “Her fast, pragmatic, and relevant approach has achieved significant results, and we’re excited she will now be bringing world-class leadership principles and tools to our Northwest credit unions.”

To learn more about Mersino Consulting, please contact the Strategic Link team.

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