One Question Credit Union Contact Centers Should Stop Asking

“How may I help you today?”

It’s a simple question, asked in all sincerity, and with all the best intentions. But for an increasing percentage of credit union members, it’s a question that has the potential to be very irritating.

Why? Because with today’s technology, it’s quite likely that many of your members feel like they are in the middle of their search for a resolution to their issue long before they ever hear those words from a service representative.

Over the past decade or so, member behavior has changed rapidly. The vast majority of members don’t begin a service journey by looking up your phone number and calling your live agents — they begin online, on the digital banking platforms your credit union set up to make their lives easier.

With the proliferation of self-service functionality, FAQs, support tools like video and diagnostics, user forums, and chatbots, members have several options for troubleshooting a problem on their own. It’s only when they’ve exhausted all of those resources and still haven’t found a solution to their issue that they seek intervention from your service team. At that point, this question — asked innocently and in the kindest, most helpful tone — could further irritate an already-frustrated member.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Glia, a leading provider of digital banking technology, can help.

The Strategic Link partner’s digital-first member communication and collaboration platform transforms the way credit unions serve their members every day. Using Glia’s Digital Customer Service solution, live agents can see everything a member has been doing across a variety of channels before they engage in a service interaction. When an agent already knows who they are engaging with and what that member is trying to accomplish, the conversation becomes faster, more efficient, and more effortless as a result.

We all know how important it is to “meet the member where they are.” But that doesn’t only apply to the channel they’re in or the device they’re using; it also applies to where they are in the process of getting their issue resolved. Where are they in their “journey?” It’s almost certainly not at the beginning.

It might be time to retire “How may I help you today?”

With the right tools in your member service arsenal, it’s a question you may never have to ask again.

Learn more about Glia by visiting its partner page online, or contact the Strategic Link team to get connected. You can also chat with the Glia team one-on-one at the MAXX 2021 Strategic Link Trade Show, taking place Oct. 5-7 in Boise, at booths #60 & 61.

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