Gesa Credit Union Awards More than $266,000 to Local School Districts

Gesa Credit Union, based in Richland, Washington, announced the total 2020-2021 school year earnings of their Affinity Debit Card Program exceeded $266,000 for partner school districts across Washington state. The program supports local schools by earning funds for partner districts to use toward academic programs, technology needs, extracurricular programs, and athletics.

With every swipe of a co-branded Affinity Debit Card, Gesa makes a donation to that particular school district. Co-branded Affinity Debit Cards are free to all Gesa members with a checking account, and there’s no fee for members to switch their cards to any of the school designs.

Since the program began in 2015, Gesa has raised more than $750,000 for the 17 school districts it partners with. The top-earning district, Pasco School District, has received more than $57,700 through the program. Other top-earning districts include Richland School District with $57,500, and Kennewick School District, which earned more than $56,800.

“Supporting education is a core value at Gesa, and we are passionate about supporting local school districts and the incredible educators in our community,” said Don Miller, President and CEO. “Through the support of our members, we’re proudly awarding these impactful funds to schools across the state. We’re thankful to our members who have embraced this program and have joined us in giving back to the community.”

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