Former FBI Operative to Reveal Cybersecurity Secrets at MAXX 2021

You’ve read the headlines.

“Ransomware Attacks Are Rising…”

“Cybercriminals Strike Again…”

“Hackers Net Millions…”

They’re enough to turn any business leader’s blood cold.

In the age of information, your credit union’s most precious asset is data. Today’s modern spy is sophisticated, brilliant, devious, technologically advanced, and constantly planning attacks to steal data — precious member data your credit union wants to keep secure.

So who can you turn to for the most up-to-date information and tactics regarding cybersecurity, fraud, corporate diligence and defense, and espionage?

How about a former FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence operative who helped capture the most notorious spy in United States history?

Meet Eric O’Neill, a top cybersecurity expert and keynote speaker who is taking the stage at MAXX this October to share real-life stories and insider knowledge about cybercrime and economic espionage.

In 2001, O’Neill played a major role in the arrest, conviction, and imprisonment of a once trusted, veteran FBI counterintelligence agent, Robert Phillip Hanssen, who was sharing American secrets with Russia. In the three months preceding Hanssen’s arrest, O’Neill worked with Hanssen within the newly minted information assurance division that protected all classified FBI intelligence. O’Neill was assigned with gaining Hanssen’s trust and then using the newfound relationship to slowly draw the traitor out of deep cover. Thanks to O’Neill’s skills, Hanssen was arrested on Feb. 18, 2001.

During his mainstage talk on Oct. 6, O’Neill will shed light on what today’s cybercriminals are up to and what it means for businesses and organizations, including why ransomware, a go-to tool for spies, terrorists, and attackers, is the most damaging and costly cybercrime.

O’Neill is the best-selling author of the book “Gray Day and the inspiration for the 2007 thriller film “Breach.” He founded The Georgetown Group, a premier investigative and security services firm, and is a National Security Strategist for Carbon Black, the leader in next-generation endpoint security.

Learn more about O’Neill online, and join him at MAXX, Oct. 6, for an unforgettable keynote.

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