Digital Storefront Gives Members the One-Stop Shopping Experience They Demand

Strategic Link partner Origence, a leading provider of lending technology and solutions for credit unions, has teamed up with CuneXus, the first and only digital storefront for financial institutions’ customers and members.

This partnership provides the more than 1,100 credit unions across the country using Origence’s indirect lending solutions with access to an integrated digital storefront that proactively presents members with timely, personalized, and highly effective pre-approved loan offers to make financing easier. The offers can be activated through a simple 10-second process, allowing members to go shop with confidence and take advantage of their offers when they are ready.

Aleks Bogoeski, VP of Strategic Alliances at Origence, said the digital storefront transforms the way credit unions support their members’ financial needs.

“Anytime members log in, they are instantly presented with a clear and personalized, readily available loan offer,” he explained. “Our partnership with CuneXus provides a timely opportunity for credit unions to implement a dynamic digital experience that further simplifies the lending process, as member spending returns to a normal, post-pandemic pace. We are happy to have partnered with CuneXus to bring this service to our credit unions.”

Instead of waiting for consumers to act, CuneXus’ platform continuously analyzes hundreds of internal and external data points, keeping qualified borrowers perpetually approved for an array of personalized loan offers. This proactive “Perpetual Approval” strategy ensures that a credit union is top of mind anytime their members enter into a purchase market. Furthermore, by eliminating the credit application process in favor of an ongoing automated credit approval, the credit union can then provide the nearly instant shop-borrow-buy experience that consumers crave.

“We are focused on changing the way credit unions interact with their members, and this means tearing down old, and painful banking experiences,” said Dave Buerger, Co-Founder and President of CuneXus. “We’re empowering people with unrivaled transparency and convenience, and this partnership with Origence makes that easily accessible to many more credit unions and consumers. Together, we can provide the modern, seamless lending experience that members deserve, one that equips them for financial excellence.”

To learn more about Origence, visit its Strategic Link partner page or contact the Strategic Link team.

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