Adding a Personal Touch to Your Marketing & Communications Strategy

When Strategic Link partner Kaye Smith invested in Kore Group in 2018, it was a match made in marketing heaven — especially when it comes to the services the two companies offer credit unions.

Combining superior communications and marketing with top-of-the-line promotional products, the Kaye Smith-Kore Group partnership elevates credit unions’ branding and messaging to make the biggest impact.

Kaye Smith has worked with credit unions for the past three decades, providing data-driven member communications, including statement processing and billing services — both print and electronic — as well as marketing services that can be tailored for specific one-on-one promotions.

Dick Ehrig, Director of Sales for Kaye Smith, says that the company sees itself as an operational extension of its credit union partners.

“We provide our clients with member communications that rely on data and are NCUA-compliant. We help credit unions turn an operational expense, such as a billing statement or a Visa bill into a marketing opportunity,” he said.

The company works with credit unions to ensure member communications have some marketing functionality, such as a special box that might promote a new auto loan program or a college savings program, or possibly a new product tied to a specific time of year. Kaye Smith can even create personalized marketing messages targeted to specific members.

Warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution are other Kaye Smith specialties, which is a big advantage for clients of its sister company, Kore Group.

Kore Group is a promotional products expert that works one-on-one with companies to understand their brand as well as their preferences and behaviors to create tangible and personal branding merchandise.

Mike Hatfield, Director of Sales, emphasized that the company knows how important community work is to the Credit Union Movement, so it wanted to make sure each credit union’s brand is reflective of how it serves members and the community.

“We want to understand our clients’ culture and branding, and we take it very seriously,” said Hatfield. “We take time to learn about our clients’ needs and then create something that’s great for them and for their clients. It may be an environmentally friendly product, made in the U.S.A., or locally sourced, and it will be unique to that particular client,” Hatfield said.

An added value of the winning Kaye Smith and Kore Group partnership is that they warehouse and distribute credit unions’ promotional products, pop-tents, brochures, and any other marketing materials if they want those services.

“When the credit union needs [those items] for an event, we ship them out. And when the event is finished, they then ship them back to Kaye Smith. and we warehouse them until they’re needed for the next event,” explained Ehrig.

Is your credit union looking to elevate its marketing and communications strategy this year? Learn more about Kaye Smith online, and be sure to visit their booth (# 74) at the 2021 Strategic Link Trade Show, Oct. 5-7, during the MAXX Annual Convention.

To connect with Kaye Smith, please contact the Strategic Link team.

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