WECU Celebrates its Members in Whatcom County

Credit unions are owned by those they serve, and every day, members’ unwavering loyalty allows credit unions to do what they do best — foster a brighter financial future for all.

In addition to offering excellent financial products and services, WECU, based in Bellingham, Washington, makes its gratitude for members known with a week-long community event. From July 19-24, the credit union hosted its annual Member Appreciation Week, which included a variety of fun perks and activities for folks in the area such as members-only drink specials at local coffee shops, two-for-one baseball game tickets, free concerts in the park, a community picnic, and a hot-air balloon glow and fireworks show.

WECU Program Manager for PR and Content Keith Mader explained that the point of Member Appreciation Week is to show the community all the things that set credit unions apart from banks and to thank members for their staunch partnership.

“Really, members are at the focus of all we do, so we really just want to say thank you,” he said. “We authentically want to show our appreciation. That’s the heart of it, and organizationally, that’s how we look at it.”

Several years ago, WECU’s member appreciation celebration was a single day held twice per year. Mader said that the community response was so positive that the credit union decided to take things to the next level and expand the festivities to an entire week.

According to Mader, a huge part of Member Appreciation Week is ensuring that members in the smaller branch towns across Whatcom County know they’re just as important and just as big of a part of the celebration.

“We want to let the smaller communities know that they matter. That’s why we show up and do these events — we want to make sure there’s something for them.”

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