How to Attract the Right Remote Talent for Your Credit Union

Remote work is quickly becoming a desirable benefit in today’s labor market as many employees demand flexible work options. And as more organizations embrace long-term remote or hybrid workplace models, employers will continue to compete for their industry’s top candidates.

Employers want to appeal to remote workers, but not just any remote worker. Successful remote employees are accountable, self-starting, eager to ask questions, and have strong communication and critical thinking skills. This begs the question: In a sea of potential candidates, how can credit unions attract and recruit the right remote talent for their teams?

For over 60 years, NWFA The Trust has provided credit unions with complete employee benefit services and consultation. Below, the Strategic Link partner shares some tips for finding high-quality team members in a remote environment:

  • Virtual Recruitment and Hiring

Creating a strong virtual recruitment and hiring strategy can help a credit union stand out. Candidates will appreciate a clear and effective recruitment process as they engage with recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Virtual Fairs and Events

Studies show virtual job fairs have up to 50% more attendance than in-person events. Credit unions can attend digital job fairs and similar hiring events, or even host their own virtual fair or webinar to attract quality remote candidates.

  • Nontraditional Benefits

Many of today’s remote employees have different priorities when it comes to employment benefits. Credit unions can consider offering perks beyond the traditional PTO and health insurance, like high-quality office equipment, a flexible work schedule, volunteer time off, and/or professional development opportunities.

  • Employee Referrals

Asking current employees if they know someone who’d be a great fit for a role is an easy way to collect outstanding candidates. Since employees are already familiar with their credit union’s mission and values, they’ll likely take that into account before making a referral.

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