Erica Dhawan Unveils the Secret to Harmonious Workplace Culture

When it comes to organizational culture, recent events have made one thing crystal clear: the way credit union employees work together will never be the same.

In 2021, the world of business is increasingly digital, and workplace practices are changing rapidly. While communicating mainly via email, text, chat, and video is convenient, there’s a significant loss in the natural connection that forms when teams work together in person.

The friendly banter at the water cooler, swapping weekend highlights in the breakroom, participating in team-building exercises — all of these activities foster personal relationships and comradery. In a digital world, workplace culture takes on a different form, and it can be difficult to keep employees connected and engaged.

That’s why best-selling author and award-winning speaker Erica Dhawan believes that, in order to thrive, organizations must harness the power of digital body language and connectional intelligence.

During her mainstage talk at MAXX 2021, she’ll walk Northwest credit unions through 21st-century strategies for elevating teamwork and collaboration to drive efficiency and success from top to bottom.

Dhawan will unveil a new model of collaborative innovation, offering actionable steps to break down silos and keep teams aligned. She’ll also share guidance for avoiding misunderstandings, ambiguity, and rushes to judgment — all issues that come with digital body language.

She’s the best-selling author of “Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence” and “Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance,” and was named the “Oprah of Management Ideas” by Thinkers50.

Learn more about Dhawan online, and catch her on the MAXX mainstage, Wednesday, Oct. 6.

For more information about MAXX 2021, please visit the event page.

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