On the MAXX 2021 Mainstage: Dive into Cybersecurity, DEI, Workplace Culture, & More

Workplace culture; cybersecurity; leadership, the economy; diversity, equity, and inclusion — these are all top-of-mind for the Credit Union Movement. At MAXX 2021, taking place in Boise, Oct. 5-7, you’ll hear from some of the best speakers in MAXX history, who will break down these complex concepts into actionable steps your credit union can take now.

These are big thinkers discussing big topics that will influence the future of the Credit Union Movement, and your Association is proud to bring you this exciting opportunity to connect with your peers in person for the first time since 2019.

Here’s a rundown of the five keynote speakers and what they will bring to your MAXX 2021 experience:

Erica Dhawan: The ongoing fundamental shift in how we work creates new challenges and opportunities for your credit union, your members, and your employees every day. Dhawan is a leading authority and author on 21st century teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. On the MAXX 2021 mainstage, she’ll share how to strategically harness the power of the digital workplace to foster a culture of teamwork, trust, engagement, and competitiveness at your credit union. Check out a clip of her in action.

Eric O’Neill: As credit unions strive to meet members’ growing demands for online financial services the challenges of securing sensitive data will only grow more complex. O’Neill is a national security attorney and former FBI operative who famously helped capture the notorious spy Robert Phillip Hanssen. He’s an expert on espionage, cybersecurity, fraud, and corporate diligence. In Boise, he’ll shed light on cybersecurity in the age of digital corporate espionage and how to keep your credit union’s valuable data safe. An example of one of his speeches can be found online.

Dr. Elliot Eisenberg: Who couldn’t use a little levity when discussing the ins and outs of our current economic situation? Eisenberg — known in many circles as “The Bowtie Economist” — is an acclaimed economist and highly sought-after speaker who specializes “in making the arcana and minutia of economics fun, relevant and educational.” At MAXX 2021, he’ll look into his economist’s crystal ball to tell you where the economy stands and what to expect in the coming months and years — all with his own funny flair. View his most recent online economic report video.

Risha Grant: Essential DEI conversations are happening in board rooms across the country, including within the Credit Union Movement. And while these values may, in many ways, be intrinsic to the Movement’s ethos, their ability to give your credit union a competitive edge may not be as obvious. Grant is a motivational speaker, author, and internationally renowned diversity, inclusion, and bias expert. During her keynote speech, she’ll explore how fostering diversity among your credit union’s membership can lead to more sustainability and competitive advantage in an ever-changing economy. Check out her speaker reel here.

Jason Hewlett: Sometimes, the best leadership advice comes from those who have a completely different and unexpected viewpoint. Jason is a leadership expert, author, and public speaker whose unconventional approach and perspective will give you plenty to think, and laugh, about. In his presentation, he’ll talk about “The Promise” — the promise you make to yourself, your coworkers, and your communities through the work you do. See Hewlett in action here.

It’s slated to be a fantastic two and a half days in Boise this fall. Don’t miss out — register your teams for MAXX 2021 today. For more information about the convention, please visit the event page online.

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