New Resources for the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Awareness Campaign

The national Credit Union Awareness LLC, stood up by the Credit Union National Association, recently shared the following updates with contributors to the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union digital campaign:

  • Contributor HQ Site Refresh
    Credit Union Awareness has updated the site menu on Contributor HQ! The webpage hosts a variety of valuable resources, including the latest messaging and advertising collateral. View a short video tour of the new menu items.
  • OYE Logo Guidelines
    Contributing credit unions now can use the Open Your Eyes logo in specific instances in their campaigns. This helps build awareness and credibility for credit unions overall while maintaining the established brand guidelines. Contributors interested in accessing this benefit can contact Emily Patterson, Manager of Awareness Success.
  • Influencer Campaign Results
    At Bravely Go’s 2021 Financial Feminist Summit, held June 5 and 6, the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign received brand exposure to an estimated 20,000 people via email opens, Instagram views, and video views. The Credit Union Awareness team revealed more “influencer” engagements are in the works. These powerful relationships build brand authenticity and elevate the initiative, ultimately increasing credit union consideration among consumers.
  • Feedback is Requested
    As it continues to expand and evolve the Open Your Eyes campaign for 2022 and beyond, the Credit Union Awareness team is requesting feedback from contributing credit unions through an anonymous, one-question survey, which can be found here.

It is never too early to renew support of the initiative. Credit Union Awareness Business Development representatives will be reaching out to contributing credit unions soon. If Northwest credit union contributors would like to get ahead of the process, they are encouraged to reach out to Karla Davis, Director of Awareness Development.

For more information about the campaign, visit CUNA’s website. If your credit union would like to become a contributor, please contact Danielle SittuNWCUA SVP, Marketing and Communications.

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